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Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 14 July 2015 03:20

The Last ThroesWhen a band from half way across the world takes the time to send you a proper tasty looking piece of 12” black vinyl the least you can is actually take the time to listen to it, and review it, even if it turns out to be absolute pony. ‘Get Me Wrong’ then hit my desk complete with a short yet to the point self-penned letter from Throes’ singer and label boss Neil Halpin, and to be fair it did enough to lift my hopes that the record could be more than just a bit Betty Boo.


Dropping the needle on side 1 of the 10 tracker, opening cuts ‘Damaged Goods’ and ‘I’m Not Mad’ certainly live up to the PR letter’s claim that the band play a mix of metal and punk rock albeit in a stripped back and raw format. In fact noting that these boys are also a power trio they actually kind of remind me of The Rods before that trio discovered full on Gumby metal and Anvil at their absurd dildo waving early daze best…well maybe if John Reis had been singing for both of them.




It’s from track three onwards though where things really start to get interesting, ‘Dee Dee Mao’ is an absolute rock n roll riot of a tune, kind of like the Dead Boys but with Bon Scott fronting them instead of Stiv, then there’s ‘Napalm’ which is up next, this track simply acts to remind me just how special RFTC were at the time of their initial success., seriously this track could easily have fallen off ‘Circa Now!’ it really is that good. Then, just when you think things can’t possibly get any better up pops ‘Switchblade’ and side 1 ends on with a truly magical musical moment. Mmm!


This is why I still love listening to music on vinyl rather than CD because there is a real sense of anticipation in the air as I flip this black vinyl beast over, I mean side 1 was great but how could the Brooklyn boys possibly follow it up?


Well, with possibly the best track of the album so far in the shape of ‘FUGHM’, a track that has all the hallmarks of what makes Dirt Box Disco so immensely popular on the UK circuit right now, a hugely infectious chorus with plenty of profanity littered about the place, and at just over 2 minutes in length, it is the perfect moment in time for downing a pint and dancing like a lunatic.


After that onslaught on the nervous system the album’s title track is actual something of a chance to catch your breath before we are back off at lighting speed with ‘Bad Bodies’ a track that reminds me equal parts of Zeke and The Dangerfields at their fastest and most frantic.


It is however the final one-two of ‘One Last Asshole’ and ‘Huff’ that for me are the real highlights of the album, ‘…. Asshole’ bizarrely makes me wonder what Sick Of It All might sound like standing in for KISS when the panto dames finally decide to hang up their platforms? Yup I know that is a pretty fucked up idea, but trust me this is a song that will have you acting like a maniac after a few spins, so the most insane thoughts will just seem normal then, and then of course there is the immense album closer ‘Huff’. At 4 minutes 25 seconds this track is double the length of most of the other 9 tracks on ‘Get Me Wrong’, and it also contains an outro crescendo that will stick with you for the rest of your life….superb stuff!


Look, this is not metal, it is not punk, it is simply neck-breakingly awesome rock ‘n’ roll record chock full of instantly memorable tunes, and ‘Get Me Wrong’ is easily one of the best out and out guitar rock albums I have experienced this year.


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