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Written by Dave Prince   
Thursday, 24 July 2014 03:20

Dead End HeroesWhen you read that this band came about as an accident - you can’t help but feel a little cheated, thankfully that isn't the case when you listen to the music. Coming straight from the ‘80s pomp of Deep Purple with a healthy dose of Whitesnake ladies and gentlemen I give you the multinational giant of rock that is Dead End Heroes.


Opening with the title track I can't help but feel transported back in time to when rock was rock and played with plenty of cock! Just the way I like it! There seems to be a trend these days to merely pay lip service to this type of music but Dead End Heroes have delivered a fantastic looking and sounding record in the here and now and I for one am very happy that they have done so.


Admittedly they do remind me of Bonfire but hey - that is never a bad thing, and with the band initially starting out as a solo project for Swiss drummer Daniel Voegeli (Me & The Rest) the project then grew into what we have here - Dead End Heroes. But don’t think this is some sort of vanity showcase for the sticks man because THE BAND sound tight and with songs like the amazing groove laden ‘Cry for the Moon’ and the salivating 'The Wind Howls Fire' I’m soon breaking out the air guitar, and - I am not ashamed to say it - the air mic stand - just to give it a twirl.


‘Road Kill’ really is a fantastic album and this is certainly one band I really want to be more than just a side project to the day job.


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