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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 31 July 2010 05:30


deadidentitiesEverybody likes to put their bands into neat little boxes for convenience, I don't know why but we all do it, don't we? Anyway I'll make it easy for the lazy ones out there - just have two boxes, one good, one bad. Then buy this record and put it in the first box. There that was easy!  - Dead Identities, good box, capeesh?


'One Hell Of A Shock' is a beast of an opener. After its polite intro the song comes rollicking through the speakers like the bastard child of The Wildhearts with a dash of The Loyalties, the Yo-Yos and even has the punk rock fury of Sorry and the Sinatras and various Über approved bands. Sling in a souped up, punked out Cheap Trick for the pop appeal. You get the picture by now, don't you? With a cool cover penned by Vince Ray, can this album be anything other than good?

It came as no surprise to see that Rich 'He's here, he's there, he's everywhere' Jones guests on this album. So, sounding as heavy as a very heavy thing, (yet with melody and catchy vocals ripping at your lug holes from all over the place) this is a great introduction to the Dead Identities. To use another cliche, this isn't about re-inventing the wheel here more using it on this punked up, rocked out monster truck of an album. The band sounds tighter than Barry White squeezing into a pair of size 34" skinny black jeans. Heavy enough to appeal to metallers and punky enough to reel in the real punks and enough melody and pop suss to pull Pink! The Dead Identities could very well have it all. Thirteen tracks where the next one's as good as the previous one. 'The Lost Property Song' begins with some Queen-like vocal harmonies before breaking out like a rabid barking dog - it shouldn't really work with singalong melodies and absolute sprinting axework with the drummer doing some pretty rapid paradiddles but it does and boy it feels good.  

Fan Fuckin' Tastic! is my summary of this record and it should carry a tipper sticker warning the listener that their ear canal might melt and their brain might get sucked out by the ferocity that will ensue from the cd player; beautiful and brutal, a wonderful oxymoron of a record is 'Bad Cats And Heart Attacks'  just take opener 'One Hell Of A Shock' and set closer 'Mistaken Identities' to prove my point. Now go and buy it! You'll love it, it rocks like a mofo!