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Written by Craggy   
Saturday, 24 July 2010 05:30

hytestIt's early morning, the weather is shit again, and I need a drink. I don't want to look outside but I can hear it. I've got a hangover and a review to write and it had better be fucking good. I handle the Hytest album 'Dishing Out the Good Times'. "Looks like Rock 'n' Roll to me", I think to myself. Thank fuck for that...

Hytest hail from Wollongong, or 'The Gong' as they know it locally, New South Wales. It is an area known for its mining industry. It is fitting then that this band should be adept at digging up a wealth of hard rock. I hear they have nice beaches too, so off to Australia...

From the off the album cracks open a can of raucous fuzzy tones driven along by a confident and pounding rhythm section, delivering a crushing blow of sometimes stoned, sometimes boozed hard rock 'n' roll. The vocals themselves open with a nod towards the style of Kyuss's John Garcia and the band definitely produce sounds that will have stoner fans raving. The song 'Crazy For You' for example, offers a good dose of a trip akin to Queens Of The Stone Age, 'Rated R' era, although it knows how to rock it up Motorhead style which is refreshing.

It is their ability to stretch out of the pure stoner mould that makes this album interesting. 'Magnet' is an absolute cracker of a song with power, passion and atmosphere and, whether they know it or not, would appeal greatly to fans of the 90s British rock scene of The Wildhearts, 3 Colours Red and Terrorvision. The song does, however, retain that definite Southern stoner punch. Not shying away from their influences there are definitely smatterings of Kyuss and the Dwarves here, but the absolutely delightful deviation into pure Ramones with 'Goodbye' is an excellent turn to highlight further influences. Although this song in particular would call to fans of The Queers or The Apers, Hytest have very much implanted their own sound on the song. The fact that they sound like they've borrowed the voice of Ivan Doroschuk from Men Without Hats for this song got me rather excited!

Hytest really know how to heavy it up though. And it is this variation that sets them apart from the boring meanderings of some of the more middle of the road stoner acts. This is fuel induced rock 'n' roll, stoned and pissed out of its mind to the point where it leaves some of the clichés behind and instead, makes you want to get up and dance. Even the more standard tracks such as 'All The Way' don't bore. Further doses of Motorhead can be heard in 'Our Career' and 'Smokeskull'.

I must admit that if I have any criticisms it is that the album peters out a little at the end, most of the best tracks being presented earlier on. Saying that however, it does end with the fittingly titled and accomplished instrumental 'Ramblings Of A Mute' which is a good note to finish on. Don't let that criticism put you off. Hytest are good! So good in fact they've just finished touring Europe with Mondo Generator. They are now continuing this tour on home soil. So if you come from a land down under, or fancy a walkabout in Australia, make sure to check these guys out!