I Am Forever - 'The Tragic Tale Of Jonny Pumpkinhead' (Self Released) Print
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Written by Tazz Stander   
Friday, 23 July 2010 05:30

iamforevertale'The Tragic Tale Of Jonny Pumpkinhead' is a five track mini-album that starts off with 'Only Stars Can See' and my first thought is that I'm not actually quite glad that there is a tragic tale of anyone called anything as then perhaps I wouldn't be listening to this album. 


Musically it plays its way through a good indie set instead of any claim of raw and potent blends of rock, pop and punk. Yes, indie or pop but not even pop rock at a push. I'm seeing side swept fringes and skinny jeans without knowing what these lads look like.


Wireless Festival, if we're even discussing a level of festivals, is where they would find a home - Download Festival / Sonisphere / Bloodstock Open Air ... those are dreams that are as far from a reality than I am from becoming a man. Musically it's not bad, vocally it's nothing that stands out in this current world where every band is eating every other band to get somewhere else.


It needs balls, it needs bigger riffs, it needs to be noisier and harder and that's only to be considered as a rock band.


My Chemical Romance very badly done is what it reminds me of but alas, the lads could well be featured in Kerrang! and find they get 3 K's for their effort. In hindsight, they may well be in the right market for being noticed as nothing great has happened to even the biggest and best rock and metal acts around for a very long time.