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Written by David Prince   
Thursday, 15 July 2010 05:00

push_uk_strange_worldPUSH (UK) are an 80's AOR band diamond who were hidden away for years and have the honour of being the first release for new rock label AOR BLVD Records. Even though these tracks are demos that have been re-recorded each one is an AOR masterpiece.


Known to those in trading circles and for once having Tony Mills (Shy/Siam/Serpentine) help them out for a couple of gigs back in the day, the band split in 1990 having no luck with securing a record contract and having 12 demos recorded and no one listening. The band went their separate ways and moved on to other things. Their musical CV includes Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Big Mouth, The Presidents of USA and Tracey Bonham to name a few. Push (UK) consisted of David Saylor - vocals, Brett Hammond - guitars/keyboards, Nick Lloyd - guitars, Paul Pryor - bass and Rob Hewins - drums.

While being a sign of the times, opener 'Stand Up & Fight' is a rousing call to arms in the vein of Bon Jovi/FM and is great way to open and showcase the album. 'Miracle Of Love' continues the pace and with pulsating keyboards and a killer solo is one of the best songs here. The band has easily taken their cues from Survivor/FM/Shy and Heartland. It is hard to believe that the band couldn't find a home for these back when they were originally recorded as this kind of thing was massive back then and other bands were getting signed with no problem at all. There are songs on here that other bands would sell their grannies on the street for. This is AOR in its purist form. Given that these are re-recordings the keyboards are parptastic and lush!

Kudos to AOR BLVD for having the dedication and balls to dust this gem off and release music that has been forgotten for twenty years and the determination of Tony Mills and Brett Hammond to see that the songs deserve to see the light and get into the hands of true AOR fans around the world.