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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 06:00

therapyA strange release this. Firstly, it was only released in its original format last year and, secondly, with 'Troublegum' having an anniversary it seemed that would get the deluxe treatment (it might well do).

Extended from 10 tracks to 14 you get 'Crooked Timber' from the original release having a remix as well as the 10 minute instrumental 'Magic Mountain' getting the sample version treatment and being trimmed down from the monster epic it was, which is no bad thing. The four bonus tracks are 'Bad Excuse For Daylight' sample version, 'Exiles' (the second single) getting the Bonga-ra gutteral exodus mix, 'Magic Mountain' getting the snug slut remix as well as the two new tracks 'Low Winter Sun' and finally 'Don't Try' which will be the clincher for most Therapy? fans. Personally I can't see anything here that would draw in new fans unless they never bought the original version so I guess it's the die-hard fans to who this will appeal due to the new tracks which are pretty decent,  'Don't Try' being the best on offer. 

As for the sound, it's unmistakable Therapy? Whilst the sound has evolved, and it has a superb production job that suits the three piece perfectly, if you aren't a fan and didn't buy 'Crooked Timber' then here's your chance.  It's a pretty good album and you can always rely on Therapy? to do things outside the box and catch you off guard. Personally I have a lot of time for them and pretty much like everything they've ever put out and this monster will sit nicely in my collection.