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Written by Tazz Stander   
Saturday, 03 July 2010 05:00

jornalbumA fitting statement to a rock legend - producing an album, a covers album that should read, except for one original track, 'Song For Ronnie James'. 


It's really hard to pick holes vocally with Jorn Lande as the man is right at the top of his game by being compared to the late and the great names in rock and metal. Fair enough, this might be a tribute to one of his idols, a tribute that he does really well but I'm not sure, as I sit here and listen, technically to 'Holy Diver' in entirety in a different key without that magical voice (this is replaced by another magical voice) and without that killer track that everyone loves and adores 'Holy Diver' itself, how I'm even meant to write about this offering.


Do I compare Jorn to Dio? Do I appreciate it for what he's done musically? Do I slate it because it's not Dio? Do I give you a blow by blow conclusion of every song? Unfortunately, I would be here all day if I had to tell you what I thought was wrong with this album just as I would be here all day if I told you what was right with it.


If you're a Dio fan, it might be worth having a copy of this in your collection, filed under "Covers of Dio done really well" ... if you're a Lande fan, it might be worth having a copy of this in your collection, filed under "A brilliant covers album" but then again, if you're a Dio fan, do you really want someone else singing tracks that you've grown up on, rocking out to? Same applies to Lande's own fans; do you want an album of covers when his own work is just so outstanding?


Herein lies the problem for me - I can't pull the album to pieces as it's a genius piece on the less famous Dio tracks but I can pull the concept to pieces as I don't think an ultimate covers album by such an incredible vocalist is worth covering and selling and then calling it Jorn - Dio.


I'm more interested in finding out why 'Holy Diver' was actually left off the album but at the same time, it was pretty exciting to hear 'Kill The King' which is a Rainbow cover from 1978's 'Long Live Rock 'n Roll".


This has been a tough review and I still have lots to say but it's not going to get any easier to explain my thoughts on this album so I leave you to make up your own minds.