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Written by Nev Brooks   
Thursday, 01 July 2010 05:00

1azzgZZG are an Australian band formed in 2007. 'Trapped In The Mirror' is their first release, self recorded and produced. They consist of Daniel Roberts (vocals/guitar), Keith Matthews (bass) and were joined by Craig Birnie (drums) and Stuart Mitchell (guitars) in 2008. 

Reading the blurb, they highlight Deep Purple, Van Halen, Yes and Pink Floyd as their major influences; the reality is I can't get Split Enz out of my mind - perhaps it's the Aussie vocals, perhaps it's the way it comes over. 

At times the vocalist does come over with a Bowie-style twang, for me not often enough though. 'Point' contains some lovely guitar work, but drops back into the Split Enz line. Tracks like 'Nous' (probably the stand out on the album) comes over a bit Iron Butterfly, and 'Floydian Slip' are worth a listen, but overall not for me.  Australia you need to pick up your musical game!!!!