Highway 414 - 'Hellbound For The Highway' (Self Released) Print E-mail
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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 02 July 2010 05:30

1ahighwayDa blooze, boys and girls, da blooze. Thats the one overiding thought when I slipped this disc into the player and sat back and turned up the volume. 

The first thing to greet you is some fairly standard blues rock with a nice harmonica honking away. In the band's biog they point out that there is 30 years between the oldest member of Highway 414 and the youngest but, as a collective, you couldn't tell as they weave their way through a twelve track set of songs they clearly live in, day in day out and they clearly love the music they play. Obviously not wanting to be poster boys or give wild claims of how damn original they are or groundbreaking their sound is they simply play rock music, end of. There isn't really anything to dislike about this album if you are partial to a bit of the blues. 'All Fired Up' has the feel of the Stones around the period of 'Some Girls' whilst 'All Burning Up' has the sound of someone like Stevie Ray jamming an old Cream track.

With little to seperate the songs in one sitting it's standard blues noodling, folks; snatches of Big Brother and the Holding Company here to some more traditional delta on 'Devil Riding Shotgun' there. I will say however it's always nice to hear some harp blowing on a record and there's loads on offer here. If one of these tracks pops up on the old iPod whilst on shuffle I'll enjoy the moment but ploughing through the whole album is a bit of an endurance test, unless I'm in a covertable flying down the freeway with the sun beating down but alas it doesn't quite work in South Wales in the rain.