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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 09 June 2010 06:00

the-other-new-bloodFormed in Leichlingon, Germany in 2002, The Other had, in a previous life, spooked stages as a Misfits covers band. Only fitting really seeing as every band plying their trade in horror punk these days has to do so with the Misfits legacy as a benchmark.


With support slots with The Damned, The Cult, Wednesday 13, The 69 Eyes and The Misfits already under their shrouds and a cult hit of a music video featuring a German porn star, the band have infected their native country with their punk rock plague and are now looking to pollute the planet; a little like the monkey from 'Outbreak'....but with corpse paint.


The title track of the album (produced by Waldemar Sorychta - Lacuna Coil, Therion) is, in fact, a Danny Elfman inspired intro that bleeds into opener proper 'Back To The Cemetery' and the first thing that I think is that the 'horror punk' tag should be scrubbed and replaced with one saying 'horror metal' as double bass drums abound. What follows is a four minute fusion of metal and punk with a chorus oft found in tunes of this genre - great song.


'Transylvania' follows and, yes, that may seem a little obvious as a song title for this kinda band but, c'mon, if a song is as cool as this we can surely forgive them for sucking on the neck of convenience. 'Castle Rock' is a real standout cut - exactly the kind of song that you would expect to feature on an album like this; cooler than a week old corpse and catchier than the rage virus. But this album isn't anything like horror punk by numbers, as 'The Lovesick Mind' testifies; a dark pop themed tune that channels Depeche Mode through a supernatural filter. This track will appeal to all ghouls who remember when Psychotronic Magazine listed Dave Gahan (in the middle of a particularly self-destructive period) in their obituary section, omitting one small fact - he was still alive.


You gotta love bands who have songs with titles like 'In League With The Devil', don't you? This album, after kinda passing me by on first listen, crept up on me like the Boston Strangler and refused to let go. The merchandise sheet included with the album indicates just how popular these spooky gentlemen are in their home country, even having their own comic book. My only fear for the success of 'New Blood' lies, partly, with the album's name. Taking the subtitle of the seventh instalment of the original 'Friday The 13th' franchise offers up a frightening prospect that would give even frontman Rod Usher and his bandmates (including my new favourite name Sarge Von Rock!) nightmares - will this album be cursed with the facts that gathered like flies around Jason Voorhees and his New Blood, devoured by the devout yet merely picked at by the masses?


I look forward to seeing The Other making ghouls of themselves in a crypt-cold club full of goth girls, wolf men and lost souls.