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Written by David Whistance   
Monday, 07 June 2010 06:00

VINCE_NEIL_-_Tattoos__Tequila_artworkIf your preferred choice of music is played by a band preaching about the environment, requesting that you help put a stop to the third world debt then you'd better grab your coat and leave now, as I have in my hands the latest solo offering from Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil and I'm about to party Las Vegas style...Fuck Yeah!


Vince's latest album 'Tattoos & Tequilas' is the soundtrack to his forthcoming autobiography of the same name, an album featuring nine influential covers that honed Vince into the loveable, party animal that we all know and love today plus two original songs, the album's title track and the Nikki Sixx penned number 'Another Bad Day'.


Opening up the album, 'Tattoos & Tequila' is a contagious throwaway number celebrating the wonders of...yup you guessed it Tequila and Tattoos. Cheap Trick's 'He's A Whore' is presented as a blend of near perfect Seventies glam and punk relating the pleasures of being a male escort. Then Vince doffs his golfing peak to his childhood heroes The Sweet via a killer version of their track 'AC/DC' a song describing the relationship between a man and his lady-loving girlfriend. I guess you're building a subtle kind of picture of what the album entails right now, right?


That's not to say that this album is any way predicable as there is plenty of variety contained throughout the twelve numbers making up 'Tattoos & Tequilas' such as the laid back country style offering of CCR's 'Who Will Stop The Rain' and the twelve bar rhythm and blues of The Hollies' 'Long Cool Woman' replicating our very own national treasure's Status Quo during their Seventies heyday.


Any ladies out there who dig the classic Crue ballads, 'Home Sweet Home' and 'You're All I Need' are going to be grabbing their tissues at the Nikki Sixx penned ballad 'Another Fine Day', which was originally penned for the 'New Tattoo' album before it was voted out of the equation by the band (yet how they let the track Brandon slip through the net beggars belief???).  Boys you can save your tissues until you read the biography.


What I did notice throughout the entire album is just how great Vince's vocals are sounding, his voice hasn't sounded this good since the halcyon days of the Eighties, particularly on Aerosmith's 'Nobody's Fault' and his rendition of the Scorpions' 'Another Piece Of Meat', Look anyone shouting the words "studio enhancement" can leave the room right now. Each song is more than capable of sitting comfortably alongside Vince's illustrious back catalogue or in fact the pretty cool originals he's honouring here.


Anybody who hated Motley Crue's version of the Sex Pistols classic 'Anarchy In The UK' and I'm sure I can include more than one Über scribe in that equation, will probably want to gouge out their eardrums as Vince tackles another Pistols classic in the shape of 'No Feelings', and whilst it may not have the bite or integrity of the original it sure is a lot of fun.


Along with the Sex Pistols Vince repeats himself influence wise here with another legendary icon that has in the past been covered by the Crue, and that is the king of rock 'n' roll himself Mr Elvis Aaron Presley, as Vince seemingly does the impossible and makes 'Viva Las Vegas' his own. But to be fair just listening to the lyrics of this song you have to admit it could have very easily have been written for Vince. As Vince is more than content to celebrate his present hometown, I suddenly realise that the album reminds me of Las Vegas, you either love the bright lights, party and fan fare of the Nevada hotspot, or like many you despise the vulgarity and commercialism of the city, for me personally I simply love Sin City.


Hidden away at the end of the album is a personal highlight of mine as Vince gets down and dirty by almost replicating the bearded legends ZZ Top in the fantastic beer soaked bar room blues number that is 'Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers' and it certainly doesn't take a Coldplay fan to work out with this number was written about does it.


Listening to 'Tattoos & Tequilas' made me reminisce back to the mid-eighties when music was fun, loud and damn right dirty, and why in 2010 it is still essential that characters like Vince Neil exist to keep the party swinging.


Anybody out there expecting say another 'Too Fast For Love' or 'Shout At The Devil' will be bitterly disappointed, but if you are like me, willing to leave your brain at the door, grab yourself a bottle of Jack, and crank up that hot tub, then it's time to party like your life depended on it.


This is pure bubblegum rock at is stickiest and boy do I love it!