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Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 03:40

UK DecayBugger me I did not know that!


Well if the press release that accompanies this the first album release from Luton post punkers UK Decay since their seminal early 80’s debut ‘For Madmen Only’ is to be believed it was this very band that you can thank for thinking up the rather wonderful (and much derided) musical label we all know today as ‘goth’. I’m not so sure I believe that rather seemingly innocuous claim for fame myself, but one thing I will give Abbo and his mob credit for, and that is creating one of the most hilarious song titles to come out in 2013 in this record’s lead track ‘Heavy Metal Jews’. Fuck knows what the five piece were thinking when they were writing this track, but one thing is for sure they (unlike many acts) have the lyrical intelligence to back up this audacious track which as I understand it deals with the thorny subject of occupation of the West Bank. Please do correct me if I’m wrong guys.


With this heavyweight subject matter being dealt with as early as the second song on this eleven track album, you know you are not exactly going to be in for an easy listening experience, and perhaps the best way to sum up what UK Decay are about in 2013, is to imagine what a less than subtle mix of the throbbing rhythms of Killing Joke might sound like mixed with the angular guitar and vocal lines of PIL. Oh and did I mention the bang on the mark politically astute lyrics?


Listening to tracks like ‘Killer’, ‘I Feel Good’, ‘This City Is A Cage’ and ‘Falling Through History’ they are not just lo-fi aural attacks on the senses but also potential education lessons in waiting for those willing enough to listen. The intensity, commitment and intelligence with which the songs are written and recorded is unquestionable, and I’m actually kind of ashamed to admit that I thought this record might be just another UK82 band looking for a final burst on the old Aqua Net.


The musical smorgasbord of influences offered up by ‘New Hope For The Dead’ is probably best illustrated by listening to full on album opener ‘Shake ‘Em Up’, then the funky slap bass mid point of ‘Woman With The Black Heart’ before finishing with the gentile yet acerbic spoken word church organ/fiddle driven album outro of ‘Drink’. This really is some heavy shit we have here, but it is also something that is strangely uplifting, largely because it makes you realise you are not the only person in the world thinking these same thoughts….and for that UK Decay I thank you.


Not only is ‘New Hope For The Dead’ one of the most startlingly surprising albums I’ve heard this year (beating ‘The Terror Of Modern Life by Goldblade hands down on the bleak stakes strangely without ever once sounding bleak) it is also one of the best records I’ve heard of its kind since perhaps ‘Night Time’ first singed my teenage lugholes back in 1985, and that in itself is no small feat when it comes to this record’s caustic yet compelling appeal.


Oh and before I forget this, the man behind delivering this twenty first century post punk masterwork is not someone normally associated with this genre, in fact he is none other than metal producer par excellence - Mr Dark Lord himself -Chris Tsangarides, which when it comes to a cool hook in for any PR blurb is surely more of a scoop than that spurious goth claim I mentioned earlier.


If you have a brain in your head then ‘New Hope For The Dead’ is a record you must own….NOW!!!!


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