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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 04:00

The Fuzztones - Snake OilThirty three years in and Cleopatra open up a Fuzztones pandora's box of treats from the garage psychedelic curio box marked oddities. Not interested? Well think again people because what record has Ramones, MC5 and Iggy Pop covers on it, as well as featuring the likes of Rat Scabies and Ian Astbury and members of the Electric Prunes... and did I mention a Chesterfield Kings cover? No? Well now I have so prick back those ears motherfuckers and let's kick out the jams!


The unmistakable punk fuzz of 'You Must Be A Witch' gets proceedings underway before a Ramones cover in the shape of '53rd & 3rd' that takes off the punk and takes it back to the fifties.


Spread out over two whopping discs this thirty-six track collection is a masterclass in being outsiders but always staying cool and one step ahead.


I remember the first time I came across this band in the mid '80s when they supported the mighty Damned on a UK jaunt and they weren't just good on the ear but they were uber cool on the eye as Rudi Protrudi oozed garage chic and walked the walk.


With more band members than Spinal Tap the one constant is and always has been the ability to pen great music no matter what and 'Snake Oil' will testify that. There are truly some blistering covers going on on this here record; apart from a Ramones cover how about a stonking romp through 'Kick Out The Jams' with some help from the Wolf Child that is Ian Astbury? Yeah baby, this is smokin'!!


Possibly the finest exponents of the Farfisa organ it's put to great effect from these sleazy New Yorkers on tunes like '96 Tears' - not one to miss an opportunity before you know it I'm up and doing the Scooby Doo dance to the likes of 'Salem Witch Trial' as things get psychedelic in the best possible way.


For your bucks you get a mighty fine double disc of almost forty tunes and, with radio intros included, it has the lot: great tunes, good humour, fine artwork and mighty fine guests like Rat Scabies, Doctor from the Medics and the original Wolf Child.


As far as compilation albums of hard to find material go this is about as good as it gets. Whoever put this together should feel very proud of themselves. Ok, so some of the quality isn't quite digital but the content is exquisite and a real joy to hear from the masters of this groovy kind of Rock 'n' Roll. It's quality to hear Rudi on the radio with his voice dripping with reverb, even on the radio. He might be a crazy cat but when it gets down to business he knows how to deliver. Just listen to 'Get Naked' - superb.


I love it and so should you. Find a place in your collection for some Fuzztones and this is about as good a place to start as any, baby!




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