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Written by Ben Hughes   
Saturday, 23 June 2012 05:05

blackstarfuriesSome say the Italians do it best, some say they are just the coolest...whether it be sports cars, fine clothes, good food and even underground horror films, there is something special for everyone. So while you argue amongst yourselves over that one, I'll just take a minute to think about the rock 'n' roll bands they have given to the world.......


.....right, done that, didn't take long really.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but Italy has not really been a haven for rock bands in the past, well nothing that has reached my ears anyway. Yet Italy has a growing underground sleazy rock scene it seems, and bands have found their way to the Uber Rock death decks in the past - the good, the bad and the ugly. I was expecting Black Starfuries to be as trashy and throwaway as they come, and yes to a certain extent they are, but in a good way.


Surprisingly, this three piece from Milano are a bit more of a slick rock 'n' roll sounding machine than their biography would have me believe. Get past the silly names, the emo haircuts and the guy-liner and we have a half decent set of tunes going on here.


Together since 2008 William Dogboy, Mr Teko and Dr Nikk have been developing their 'rude sound' to lay on the world. Following on from the release of the '96th Street' EP comes the debut long player 'Rest Of The City'.


The dampened riff to 'Shiver' gets things off to a cooler than cool start, the guitars that then kick in sounding like they come straight from the crotch. The vocals of William Dogboy definitely have more than a touch of the euro accent to them, generally this sort of accent annoys me, but done sleazy in the same way as Hardcore Superstar or D.A.D. it works a treat here.


Remember when Hardcore Superstar sounded good? Back on the debut before they went all metal and still had that cool indie/rock 'n' roll vibe going on? Well, Black Starfuries have a bit of that. Tracks such as the ultra cool 'Alien' with its anthemic feel and instant hook nods its head to early Oasis for sure: it's a song made to air guitar to. Belting out full chords over catchy melodies is always going to win me over, and it's not the only song to follow that formula. The title track itself brings to mind the aforementioned D.A.D. from way back when, especially the vocals which will not be to everyone's taste, I know. 'Toy Boy' is dirty and sleazy as you like, it's lyrically challenged for sure but with quite an addictive melody they can be forgiven, as can 'I Don't Want You' with its equal part Hanoi and Faster Pussycat vibe going on. Black Starfuries play it like it's '87 all over again, it sure ain't original but it sure is fun.


The only niggle for me concerns the lyrics: it all sounds a bit odd, like something got lost in translation, like they have literally written the lyrics in their native language, hit Google translate and then sung it. Maybe they did, but hey, if I tried to write a song in Italian I would fail miserably so good on 'em I say! At the end of the day does it matter too much about the lyrics with some sleazy rock 'n' roll? They are not out to win the Mercury Music Prize or get a pat on the back from Bono I'm sure, but they are the perfect Friday night soundtrack for a bunch of teenage rock fans who wanna have nothin' but a good time.


Black Starfuries mix their more obvious '80s glam influences with indie melodies, it making for a refreshing and confident modern glam-tinged sound. They have several songs that I can only describe as cool, the interesting, catchy melodies and frankly great sounding guitars give a seductive feel and although a far from perfect album,the good outweighs the average, and shows promise. There must be something in the Italian water that the musicians are finally getting in their system. One for all you glammy fuckers out there.