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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 25 June 2012 05:00

abrahmaDespite the romance of cafés, champagne and fine wines, Paris has an underbelly of darkness that few see and even fewer actually manage to hear, but Abrahma are here to show you just how heavy and dedicated some of those fine parisians are.


Formerly Alcohsonic, this French quartet have spewed a massive 15 tracks of sludge-laden heaviness that followers of Clutch, Monster Magnet, Orange Goblin and old skool '70s Purple will simply have to check out. Five years on the road as their previous moniker has toughened them up and ironed out all the kinks so that they can offer up this epic sounding bohemoth of an album. It's big sounding and offers up first class stoner riffage and doom-heavy, chugging riffs that should put them on your radar instantly.


Opening tracks 'Alpha', 'Neptune Of Sorrow' and 'Tears Of The Sun' tell you all you need to know about this band and not only that but simply how good they are. The songs are there, the riffage is golden, the drums are heavy and in lead singer Seb Bismuth, they have a secret weapon that is surely not going to stay secret for long!


All the songs are atmospheric, well crafted and executed with the precision of a band that have earned their chance to be heard. Considering this is deeply entrenched in stoner, you've got elements of southern, a slight blues angle and a definite '70s vibe that takes everything Deep Purple did and makes it even better to the point that don't be surprised to hear Ian Paice pop up as special guest in the future - that's how impressive Abrahma have made this disc.


'Vodun Pt1: Samedi's Awakening' marks a slight change in styles half way through the album - in comes a more uptempo sounding, almost 'happier' style that although different, seems completely in keeping with the band and their train of thought as it's all still a trippy dream that fits together (Don't go assuming that that is the end of the heaviness because you'd be very wrong).


'Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives' never gets boring - which I'd say is a major problem with stoner movement at times - and with over an hour of music is quite an achievement. In fact the whole gargantuan album feels like a massive dream that all the stoners will simply love - crank it up and listen to the whole 70 odd minutes and immerse yourself in the dusty path of Abrahma and if you search well enough, it's being streamed free on the net - how great is that!


They've done everything they can to earn their shot at the title or at the very least be competing for the honour.


Who knew the French could be so bloody good?




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