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Written by Rob Watkins   
Thursday, 07 June 2012 04:15

daniel_triggerDaniel Trigger is an experienced hard rock artist from the mecca of metal that is the Midlands in the UK, his musical goal to create tunes with crushing guitar riffs and stadium filling anthemic choruses, blessed with a stated influence of Alter Bridge, Guns N' Roses and Europe.


Trigger cruises in with an inspired tip of the hat to the aformentioned Europe on 'Sell My Soul', but just a slight darker with the track leaning heavily on the guitar hook to carry the tune onwards. A Sabbath slant is vaguely evident on the riffage of 'Losing My Faith' and it seems influence and inspiration is overshadowing attempted originality with 'Alone Tonight' offering up chunks of Jovi and the like. 'Rain', for me, doesn't quite make the cut.


A decent guitar performance from Dave D'Andrade and with backing and lead vocals from wife Sally Trigger and bass duties performed by brother Jez Trigger this band (as stated to me by a near legendary former hair metal guitar slinger) is trigger happy, and with the production handled by the mainman this is definitely keeping it in the family.


Honestly speaking, tracks like 'Take Control' and the keyboard-led 'Breathe Again' are quite a musical distance from their anticipation of stadium rock. 'Screaming At The Enemy' is saved by the heavy six string riffage hook but goes nowhere outside of that, and the same formula goes into 'Gemini' and 'Synthetic Cowboy'. As the album progresses this is becoming, sadly, increasingly monotonous to say the least; the musicianship is on hand but unfortunately the essential catchy choruses required are not forthcoming and this is painfully prominent on continuing tracks like 'One Way Mirror' and 'Promised Land'.


If songs like 'Lay It On The Line' and 'Pendulum' possess stadium rock-style anthemic choruses then all I could personally assume is that the stadiums this particular group would perform at are probably close to empty. 


Infinite Persistence....WHY??




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