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Written by Ross Welford   
Saturday, 25 June 2011 06:00

DumpThey say the line between Madness and Genius is very thin.........And this weird fucker from Rotterdam is straddling it. You'll either think this is absolute genius or simply crap.


I've not made my mind up.


MXRCXL is pronounced Marcel. Obviously. Who doesn't want more X's in their name, eh?


This has only got two tracks on it (or should that read Trax?) but both don't fit into your standard rock boxes. In seven minutes I've written down the following; Graham Coxon, lo-fi Blur , At The Drive-In, Newlydeads, John Peel drivel (great name for a band?!) and Ministry. See what I mean?


Recorded as recently as April this year, I'm intrigued as to what and where this is going. For my sins, I'm interested in more than a demo so I guess i've crossed the border into madness?


Glad to see the world of rock still produces something that Ximon Cowell just wouldn't understand or be able to flog to little girls.