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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 27 June 2017 04:30

Tio Rico coverA new band from Manchester hit the Über decks with an EP recorded in two days by Stay Clean Jolene’s Will Farley – and ‘Business And Pleasure’ is a barking, snarling, rabid dog of a release.  I might not be keen on the kick drum sound punching through the mix but that would be churlish of me to ignore what’s happening outside of that, and the bigger picture is a band who've honed their craft and penned some pretty decent tunes for our listening pleasure.


'Hate Me' has that kick drum, but it also has a bunch of energy that catches hold of you and makes you dip in for a second listen. 'Article Seven' is brutal in its blunt instrument delivery, from the snarling vocals to the building music that beefs up this tune.  Sure, it has a fair nudge in the direction of early Nirvana, but that’s no criticism.


'Maximising Prophets' has an American underground feel to it: maybe some Husker Du hobnobbing with Buffalo Tom - it's what I'm hearing up, until the breakdown, when the bass kicks things off with a fair old rumbling.  'Somewhere Between' also has its roots in what went on over in the West of the USA, and I like it.  So far the most prominent track on offer here and one that will no doubt see the band pick up a following if they can get it out to the masses.


'T Rex Charlie' is a lot of fun and it’s always nice to know what a band's favourite animal, food type, colour is, etc. etc.  But, getting back on track, the closing track 'Invincible' is an anthemic upbeat call to arms and a great way to close off this short but focussed EP from Tio Rico. 


Good effort and will be nice to see where they go from here and what a longer album length bunch of songs might sound like - good stuff! 


‘Business And Pleasure’ is released on Friday 7 July. You can buy your copy HERE.


Tio Rico play the Evil Hoof Picnic at Gullivers NQ in Manchester on Saturday 8 July.




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