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Written by Dom Daley and Dave Prince   
Sunday, 04 June 2017 04:30

With a proper mixed bag of singles this month, there were a few clear winners and champions of the format I certainly love.  Take a bow Mr Reid, Mike Peters and you Sparrer boys - it's once again been a pleasure to wade through some classic album samplers on the old 7" format. And, when they're as good as a few of these, then long may the 7" continue… after the nuclear war all that will remain will be cockroaches and 7" singles. Here are a few of this month’s releases, Über Rock style....


Duncan reidDuncan Reid – ‘C'mon Josephine’ (Damaged Goods Records)


The first 7" single to be released off the ‘Bombs Away' album is a real tour de force and a belter. Singles should be there to showcase the long player, and picking this as the A side is a fantastic choice.  With a helping hand from Hollywood Brats’ Andrew Matheson, it’s a timeless piece of power pop - and that's why its joint single of the week. It’s backed by the album's title track as well – and it would have been outright winner had it had a non-album B side… but it's in a nice picture bag and on coloured vinyl. Cracker! At £4.99 how can you not be interested? DD


LaFlamme – ‘Get The Love On’ (Self-Released)  


Three tracks from Surrey based quartet.  A pretty straight garage rock groove on the lead track with some sweet guitar playing and a decent arrangement.  I like the song that follows it: 'Mr. Stardust' starts off like a long lost Tyla J Pallas song, and to be fair the standard is maintained throughout the song.  Hit ‘em up on Facebook and show these boys some Über love.  The riff on the final song sounds familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. Overall, it's a decent three songs. DD


Cock SparrerCock Sparrer – ‘Contender’ (Randale Records)


Out on red or black vinyl, this seven-inch platter is one of my favourite songs off the new album, ‘Forever’.  Hide your ears if you're of a sensitive nature or dropping the C-Bomb isn't to your liking – but, be warned, you are missing out.  'Contender' is a flag in the sand battle cry from these East End Kings of Oi street punk and the vocal delivery is (dare I say it) one of Colin McFaull's finest offerings. If you were told that the spirit of Steve Marriott was all over this, then compute that fact because it’s a modern-day classic here with its heart and soul wrapped around some awesome rock ‘n’ roll from the 60' and 70s.  Single of the week from one of the finest albums to hit the street this year. Brilliant! Oh, and it's backed by 'Up With This', which isn't on the vinyl long player but is on the CD. Confused? You will be. DD


Swedish Death Candy – ‘Won't Be Long’ (Hassle Records)  


Fuzzed up trippy garage rock is the order of the day, and I won't forget the trippy psych on the outro which takes this heavy as fuck grunge rocker in a real trip out.  Three and a half minutes of messing with your head and one certainly for those on a Soundgarden hit after the passing of Cornell. Pay them a visit, tell ‘em the Übers sent you and trip out folks… DD  


Shit Girlfriend – ‘Mummy's Boy’ (PNKSLM Recordings)


Shit GirlfriendTo many readers, the name Shit Girlfriend is a new one, although I first came across the moniker back in 2015 when Bristol's She Makes War delivered a show as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, entitled 'Shit Girlfriend' and ever since then I’ve thought that would be a great name for a band. Fast forward two years, and with no connections to SMW's Laura Kidd, Laura-Mary Carter (Blood Red Shoes) and Natalie Chahal (aka Natalie Bang Bang) have released their debut single as Shit Girlfriend entitled 'Mummy's Boy'. If you take the distortion filled Blood Red Shoes and throw in some irresistible pop hooks courtesy of Natalie Bang Bang, which when put together you have a perfect slice of a scuzzed up Ice Rink records-era Shampoo sound, which for me is out of this world. Originally released on Record Store Day 2017 as a limited- edition splatter 7” and now out on normal black vinyl. 'Mummy's Boy' is backed with the attitude dripping ' I Don't Wanna Die'. This is a must for anyone who misses those pop princess Shampoo and it is definitely one for fans of early Fuzzbox! DP


Andy McCoy – ‘The Way I Feel’ (Ainoa Productions)


Fans of Andy will once again fall in love with his genius songwriting skills on this one track CD single.  Harking back to his first solo album post-Hanoi, this is sublime - and with the horns and wandering solos, it's back to the top of the food chain for McCoy.  Simply stunning and the only shame is it's just the one song.  C'mon Andy, let’s have a whole album of this stuff: had there been more music this would have waltzed to the title of the single of the month if not the year.  Welcome back sheriff. DD


The AlarmThe Alarm – ‘There Must Be A Way’ (21st Century Record Company)


A welcome return to the 7" singles club for The Alarm, with a track taken from the new album 'Blood Red Viral Attack'.  After the last few albums, where the band reverted to a raw sound, this harks back to the 80s of post ‘Strength’ and ‘Eye Of The Hurricane’, with a big grand sweeping slow pace. It's not what I wanted to hear, to be honest; I was disappointed. I'm a massive fan but that period was by a long chalk my least favourite. In fact, when the harmonica kicks in it kinda sounds like 'No Frontiers' and the B side is a live take of the A side recorded at The Gathering earlier this year. Oh well, credit for pressing a single on blood red vinyl, but shame about the song. They've made so many better singles. However, any Alarm is better than no Alarm and still about 99.9 per cent better than most other bands and I'm sure they'll evolve again on the next record. DD


The Spitfires - ‘Move On’ (Catch 22 Records)


We are the mods be fucked. Complete with trumpet, Rickenbacker, Mod barnets and sharp clobber, this 7" features a limited run with a free newspaper. Recorded in Watford, it's a slab of pop with a smudge of The Jam when they were the cock of the walk, innit?  The Spitfires are having themselves a good time: they know it's good; I know it's good – but, until you check it out, will you know it's good? Besides its got some snappy Rickenbacker chords and an authentic organ to go with the trumpet.  Very good song indeed: shame it's up against some formidable opposition this month. DD


Ian Hunter & The Rant Band – ‘Ghosts’ (Proper Records)


Inspired by a session in the world-renowned room of legends at The Sun Studio.  The second single taken off the fine long player 'Fingers Crossed', Hunter still owns the pure rock and roll vocal chords and can churn out songs this good in his sleep.  Available in all formats and platforms, it's well worth checking out - then grabbing yerself a copy of the long player, and maybe catching a date on his up and coming UK tour.  Legend? You bet he is - and still on of the finest songwriters out there. DD


Archie And The BunkersArchie & the Bunkers – ‘You're My Pacemaker’ (Dirty Water Records)


Cleveland rocks! (See what I did there?) Archie is back with that organ and some right aggro adjit post punk. A mighty fine track from the brand new long player, Archie & The Bunkers is doing it right by going old school and knocking out the single to promote the album - and a mighty fine tune it is too.  It reminds me of Soho Roses played on the organ. DDDD


Galants – ‘Evergreen’ (Easy Action)  


I couldn't resist having to feature these boys seeing as they have been picked up by Easy Action, so it was rather a pleasant surprise that the sound coming out of the speakers on this 10" single was a cross between the melodies of Teenage Fanclub and Buffalo Tom.  Featuring four tracks, this is a very accomplished piece of work from this Dublin band. The lead track is head and shoulders the strongest. Easy to see the Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr comparisons. but I'm all for bands who stretch themselves and are happy to have a wall of noise behind a great melody, as the final track bears witness. Yet more evidence that this is a band worth investigating further.  DD


GuttercatsGuttercats – ‘Wild Charm Demos’ (Precious Productions)


Limited to 300 copies, this five track demo CD is available from the band over in France for seven Euros.  The first track, 'Before I Die', has more than a passing resemblance to the Godfather of Goth, Pete Murphy.  'Sweet Little Sister' again has gothic dark undertones as the guitar chimes and shimmers like a fine Gene Loves Jezebel song.  The harmonica adds a touch of debonair, as does the wonderful sax solo.  Guttercats have never turned in a duff record and I'll be picking this up for sure. Might I suggest you join me before they're all gone. DD   


Divisionists – ‘Dream Landscape’ (Mount Watatic)


Citing the likes of Lemonheads, Sugar, Teenage Fanclub and Neil Young as influences, I was expecting big things from these London noise bringers, but this is perhaps their gentler side. Not so much ‘Noise Weld’ era Young but laid back slightly less noisy Mr Young.  However, its good and the album is even better.  There was a time when the charts were full of this kinda Dinosaur Jr loud guitar bands – let’s hope we’re heading that way again. DD


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