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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 30 June 2014 03:40

Equilibrium - Erdentempel ArtworkThis fourth album from these fun-loving Teutonic trio is a rambunctious cross between the power and folk metal genres, striking a delicate but effective balance between the two, with the bombast and majesty of the former counterpointed both against and with the riotous enjoyment of the latter.


However, with the album four years in the making, the band - and particularly mastermind/composer/guitarist Rene Berthiaume - are not afraid to push their musical boundaries even further, adding huge layers of beautifully-condcuted orchestration to the likes of 'Heavy Chill' and breaching the defences of death metal to add additional darkness to the likes of 'Was Lange Wahrt' and the ludicrous insanity of 'Wirsthaus Gaudi'.


The overall result comes across as an (in)glorious amalgam of Turisas, Eluveitie, Tankard, Dragonforce and Children Of Bodom jamming with Gogol Bordello, The Dropkick Murphys and Subway To Sally at a particularly drunken Oktoberfest nacht. If the likes of 'Uns'rer Floten Klang', 'Freiflug' and 'Stein Meiner Ahnen' don't get you up dancing around your living room with a frothing beer in one hand and your gorgeous fraulein on the other, then you don't know how to party...


Personally speaking, with reviewers receiving the vast majority by download, this is one album this particular scribe has near the top of his shopping list to acquire as a physical copy sooner rather than later - and definitely in time for the next night of drunken merriment here at Uber Rock's Belfast outpost... and the first kranz is on Gaz!




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