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Written by Ross Welford   
Friday, 06 June 2014 03:00

babADcoverRemember when rock ruled the airwaves and every new release was anticipated with midnight glee and excitement? Remember Headbangers Ball? Remember scouring your local newsagents for that all important import magazine, Metal Edge? Remember free vinyl  7”s with RAW magazine?


Yes? Then you must remember one of the bands that managed to sell millions yet never really made it – Babylon A.D.


A band that got airplay, got backing and promo (their track 'The Kid Goes Wild' was the trailer music for smash hit film Robocop) yet got swept away with the rest when Seattle took over and as the band tried in vain to release their third album: they split with no real outpouring of loss from anyone.


Lead singer Derek Davis has been releasing various music throughout the years (including the excellent Moonshine project I reviewed recently) but it’s with this band of brothers that he’ll always be associated. Well, now the original band is back and to celebrate, they've dug up some lost songs that were recorded in ’93 and the great news is, whilst there may only be three new original tracks plus a remix, it recaptures and tells you all that was great about the band.


'Love Blind' starts us of and is a typical groovy, melodic rocker that not only captures the time it was recorded but doesn't actually sound that out of date in today’s melodic market. Davis’ voice hasn't strained an inch and is still a rock band’s dream, whilst the band keep it tight to create a great opener. 'While America Sleeps' is pure Babylon A.D. and could have easily slipped onto their first two albums. It’s a driving, moody song that builds to a great chorus and showcases everybody’s talent within the band. I defy you to not get caught up with the sweeping nature of this track.


'Love Is A Mystery' is a sombre ballad that hits the mood button and pulls you in and is a song that would no doubt have been a hit for the band in another time. The nearly 20 minute 4 track EP finishes with a remix of one of their best known tracks, 'Bang Go The Bells' – it’s a reminder that the band had the chops to mix it with the big boys – but then again, the three other songs on this EP could've told you that.


It’s an impressive return for a band that maybe didn’t have the luck or destiny of some of the other bands of the day but don’t be surprised if they wipe the floor with the rest of the bands at Firefest later in the year. And for all those that moan ‘there’s only one original member’ etc, etc, there really is no excuse not to support this band.




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