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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 02 June 2014 04:00

blame youIt's what punk rock has been waiting for. Album number two from the ever busy Gaggers is finally out and you know if there is a shred of self respect in your beating punk rock heart then you need to toddle off over to the Wanda Records website and get ordering.  


From the opening caustic, cocky, arrogant notes that fall out of your speakers like a stab in the ear with a red hot poker 'Steal Your Girl' is having itself and with the abrasive sound, you know the Gaggers could if they could only be bothered to steal your girl - they'd only have to play her this opening track and it's game over. It's like early Hanoi Rocks from the harmonica dancing with the Buzzcocks to some sweet, sweet punk rock. This is a fantastic introduction to 'Blame You' as the lyrics get spat out. Impressive start.


Ten tunes chase each other out of your speakers, one as charming as the next, with tales of love, lust, nihilism and other such dandy daydreams, pretty much The Gaggers have the lot. Let's not take the content too seriously after all it's only rock and roll. Invest some time into playing this record and hear guitar parts that will remind you of a whole history that has preceeded this record. There are licks and riffs that would have Andy McCoy or Chuck Berry whooping and hollering with approval as well as the odd riff that would give a youthful primed Brian James a run for his money. It's jam packed with reference points left right and centre along with the odd Stooges barroom piano fill or honking harmonica - this really is splendid stuff.


'Raw Nerve' rock and rolls with such an arrogant swagger even the glimmer twins would raise an eyebrow at those backing vocals as they would at some of the solos on offer. The lo-fi of 'Sharp Lies' is superbly crafted from the harmonica to the biting guitar riff and the gang vocal chorus this record just gets better.


By the time you get to the lead track, 'Instant Low', you're already halfway done with 'Blame You' and anyone who heard this track can surely testify to its hypnotic quality as it gets inside your head and takes hold and you'll be mumbling the refrain of "Instant Low" for ages after.


'Deface Me' begins with a 'Taxi Driver'-esque crescendo before breaking out into the album's highlight for me. Great riff and guitar work and a melody that just takes hold, superb punk rock n roll right there.


I have to admit I was expecting this to be a belter of an album but I didn't imagine it was going to be this strong songs like 'You Make Me Itch' have the lot a great intro, exciting lead guitars and sinalong lyrics that aren't complicated just a whole bunch of enjoyment and just what punk rock should be. Unoriginal, no doubt about it, but fuck me it's good. Something jumps out on every play and it's exciting and I'm happy to say I'm loving it.


America might have given us The Stitches who aren't very productive but if you want your fix of sped up punky glamorous, trashy rock and roll then The Gaggers are what you've been waiting for. 'Blame You' is a fucking belter and will make a mess out of you for sure. Get it without delay! Pick up a copy at Wanda Records or No Front Teeth in the UK.