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Written by Nev Brooks   
Monday, 31 May 2010 06:00

KaniWhat is happening in Italy at present? Their star at the moment, music-wise, seems to be very much on the rise.


I think Kani have been something of an unknown entity for too long, but listening to them and checking out some of the other bands on the Nicotine Records label - like Chillihounds, The Lime Spiders and Bad Machine - this is one label immersed in punk, rock and roll, psychobilly, all the good things you look for in bands with attitude; reminds me of Alternative Tentacles in its heyday. Hats off to the Italian new found attitude!!!


Which leads me nicely to what Kani are actually like?! There's definitely a Dead Kennedys vibe, lots of Motorhead's rock and roll sensitivities, especially 'Dead Soul Cowboy' and 'Nail 'Em Up', in fact the great man could have written them. But there are others who have fed and influenced; think Smack, Bang Tango, even Zodiac Mindwarp, all lending a hand to what you're listening too.


Kani don't seem to have strayed too far from Italy, all I can find is a mini German tour in 2009. Somebody give this band a support slot, if you're not too scared.


If you like old fashioned rock and roll a la Motorhead and steeped in attitude you will love Kani, just my cup of tea. Where's the Italian phrasebook - a rock and roll underground trip could be on the cards. Enjoy.