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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 21 May 2010 05:30

xxcortezYou know how every now and then you get an album that lights a fire inside you and really kicks you up the backside? Well, XX Cortez have just done that to me and reminded me why I love rock 'n' roll music. I still get excited when I stumble upon a pearl amongst all the clams that fill up the often choppy waters that the good ship Über Röck sails in.


Hailing from the South Coast, these sleazy bunch of punk rockers dish up a delightful din of pure, raw, authentic dirty punk rock 'n' roll. A sound that leaves the listener breathless from the first track to the last. With the spirit of '77 in their music, both sides of the Atlantic are represented here in spades and spades of attitude - majestic stuff indeed.


Fourteen tracks including a cover of The Joneses' 'Pillbox' are on this, their first full length release. 'Creatures' heads off on a breakneck roller coaster ride that reminds me of The Damned when they wrote songs like 'Stretcher Case', 'Stab Your Back' or 'So Messed Up' and that's a massive compliment. Also there are hints of Social Distortion in their early days.


There isn't any let-up in pace either; 'Machine Gun' goes off like a...machine gun! And then 'Pillbox' gets the XX treatment. These guys obviously have a love for some great music and it's not just about kicking up a shit storm, these tunes have some cracking guitar breaks and melodies to die for. I can imagine the carnage at one of their gigs as they spark up tracks like 'The Bird' or 'Brainwash' - it's inspiring stuff. Dirty, stinking, filthy rock 'n' roll and I fucking love it.


Out of the songs on offer there seriously isn't a bad one in there and, if these songs are just a snapshot of what this band are capable of, the future looks rosey. I'll also look forward to getting my backside kicked at their live shows where I'd imagine they really light up. 'Slut' is off the hook from the 'Swallow This' intro - it's two and a half minutes of axe slinging that Brian James or Mike Ness would have been proud of. The production is lo-fi which is in keeping with the bigger picture and suits the ragged swagger of XX Cortez in a Jim Jones punked up sort of way.


I really am lost for words which isn't good for a written review, except to say this is fuckin' awesome! What are you waiting for? Fuck off and get into XX Cortez, they are indeed the dog's danglies. Along with The Smoking Hearts and The Adjusters, this album of the year lark is getting pretty difficult already. Remember the name - I have big expectations for these chaps \m/ horns up peeps! And to think this was recorded in a caravan in a field in Portsmouth - how spectacular!!