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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Sunday, 16 May 2010 06:00

NailsCoverSmallEvery now and again you stumble upon an album that is truly breathtaking, and 'Unsilent Death', the second release by Nails certainly fits that bill. Actually it doesn't take your breath away so much as rip your lungs out.


Formed by Todd Jones (formerly of Carry On and Terror and currently in Internal Affairs and Snake Eyes), Nails are a hardcore/grind face removal machine. When they are fast, they are unbelievably so, bringing to mind Ceremony and early Nasum. Quite often the songs will descend into uncontrolled feedback before kicking back into the grind, giving the whole record a real off-the-rails edge. There are plenty of breakdowns in amongst the grind as well, which are so fucking heavy they'd make the perfect background music to head butt someone to.  When the pace drops the heaviness really is fucking immense; like Entombed being butt-fucked by a herd of elephants, and when they slow it down for an entire song, as they do on the title track, then fuck me, you feel truly abused by the end of it. To be honest if the 10 songs on here lasted any longer than the 14 minutes they do, I'd be in fucking hospital by the end of it, or an asylum. Totally mind-fucking.


The band appear to have a particular dislike of social networking in all its forms, so to get hold of this little beauty (along with their previous release "Obscene Humanity", which is equally shit-hot) get along to one of the following links below:


You can however stream this beauty in its entirety through the link you can try before you buy.... smart!!!