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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 14 May 2010 06:20

GBH-PerfumeAndPissNot one for the faint hearted or poseurs. One look at a GBH album cover and you should know that this band does exactly what it says on the tin.


The Midlands punk rock stalwarts have been ploughing their particular brand of punk since the very early 80's and have been prolific ever since with releases. The GBH brand of punk is uncompromising and often brutal, possibly better known for the logo painted on the back of leather jackets of postcard punks but 2010 sees a new dawn for GBH after signing to Rancid's label Hellcat Records and getting Lars Frederiksen to help out with the mix.  


I must admit when I got the album I was not expecting it to be this good at all. At last GBH have got the production their songs deserve. Often in the past part of their charm was also part of what maybe held them back and that was poor sounding recordings, but not any more. This takes it up a notch as 'Perfume And Piss' sounds modern, sharp and crisp production wise.  Thoughtful lyrics, massive riffs, breakneck drumming and some brutal bass playing, this is uncompromising stuff. There are no 'looking for a hit' or 'big pay day' tracks or dulling of the style to appeal to the young punk wannabes. 


GBH do what they've always done and songs like 'Unique', 'Kids Get Down' and the fantastic title tack 'Perfume And Piss' blow any cobwebs away and add a freshness and a bit of verve to the sound and the record is all the better for it. 'San Jose Wind' pays tribute to the untimely death of Joe Strummer and what a fitting tune it is too. 'Polytoxic' builds and broods like a prowling tiger; fantastic stuff. Out of the 13 tracks on offer there isn't a bad 'un in sight. 


This album should get picked up by punks and metal heads alike as GBH turn out their best work to date. Now let's see if other bands of this genre can follow suit and come up with something this bloody good. The Exploited and Mr Harper let's be having you, chaps! The bar has been raised!approved_image_lrg