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Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 09 May 2013 04:00

smellmypillownocontrolcoverMany moons ago in 2010, I reviewed Smell My Pillow's debut disc and was suitably impressed - this follow up is no different.


I stated that the Minneapolis band were ploughing a lone furrow and not following any pattern that would probably get them more airplay - but that's what SMP are all about. Cake would be a great reference point for these guys, very early RHCPs, a splattering of '60s vibe crossed with The Strokes' New York cool, in fact The Strokes are a good case in point - some people are just cool whilst others are geeky cool, but then there are those that just seem to try too hard. I get the feeling that SMP mainman Kowalski neither cares himself or what others think of him and his band, thus making the band and the man exactly that: non-manufactured cool.


The title track is pure funk-a-delic, freaky stylee era RHCP (can you remember that band when they smiled and goofed around and created a wall of energy and, dare I say it, fun?). Just saying "smell my pillow" a few times (as requested in the song) makes you want to smile and get involved and you'll be freebasing under the bridge downtown before you know it and whirling around like a drunken sailor at closing time. It's that smile and honesty, along with the infectious songs, that take you there.


Opener 'No Control' gets you straight into their vibe: vocal awkwardness, guitar licks flicking out when they feel like it, a bog standard drum sound yet heavy, keeping it tight and all the time, a massively great feel good song erupts from it all. Have you ever heard a better song title than 'Ken'? - it's that non-metal thinking that gives them the edge.


Everything SMP touch has that quirky feel good factor about it even when they're talking of sad and strange topics. 'NY4' has a great cool vibe and puts you straight into the belly of New York at 4am, whilst the easiest track to listen too on here could be the speedier 'Battle' - the Cake comparisons are obvious but when they do it this good, then who cares?


If you like your rock a bit different, a bit Indie, a bit quirky, non-radio friendly yet catchy and 100% individual, then Smell My Pillow are your band.


To pick up your copy of 'No Control' [Explicit] - CLICK HERE