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Written by Rob Watkins   
Monday, 21 May 2012 04:30

slashapoc'Apocalyptic Love' is the second studio release from former Guns N' Roses and current (?) Velvet Revolver guitar slinger Slash, the follow up to his self titled debut release which became a global smash and included guest vocalists on each track, one of these special guests being Alter Bridge's acclaimed and revered singer Myles Kennedy, who toured the world as the lead singer on the accompanying tour and who now is solely in charge of vocal duties.


Title track 'Apocalyptic Love' edges the album into gear in mighty fine fashion with a slice of trademark Slash riffage and Kennedy's perfect rock vocal that fits like a glove so uniquely with the six stringer. The songs are given an almost live sound thanks to the awesome production of Eric Valentine on tunes like 'One Last Thrill' and 'Standing In The Sun'. The guitar licks are more predominant on this record than on the previous offering, ably assisted of course by Kennedy, bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz (collectively referred to as "Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators").


Lead single 'You're A Lie' is a beautifully crafted piece of commercial heavy rock songwriting, another masterpiece from the pen of the cat in the hat. A striking similarity to a song of old comes around on 'No More Heroes', with a thunderous, memorable choral arrangement to boot, hooky as hell stuff, and the riffs keep coming thick and fast on 'Halo' and 'We Will Roam', mixing harmonic melodic vocals with all the biting, swaying heavy instrumentation on offer. Samples of Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Toccata' and 'Fugue in D minor' appear on the acoustic-introduced 'Anastasia' and again Slash's speciality axe attack reigns supreme.


The tempo is slowed down a tad on 'Not For Me' but the anthemic feel strongly remains. The lyrics throughout the opus penned by Kennedy relate at points to his previous addiction to drugs. 'Bad Rain' is, again, a song that revolves around the guitar hook and evolves out with another killer chorus thanks to the vocalist's originality and craft. 'Hard & Fast' lives up to its name to an extent with the basis of the tune well and truly rooted in classic rock-dom. The mood mellows on 'Far And Away', a delicious, softer number with its blues underlying influence shining through that demonstrates Myles Kennedy's warbling so gracefully.


The release ends on a high with 'Shots Fired' and furthermore the guitar flows wildly and so loosely that it could be uttered that the legendary player has rarely performed at this level, but of course he has done time and time again.


The deluxe edition offers bonus tunes 'Carolina' and 'Crazy Life', numbers that could have graced the record in their own right.


Apocalyptic Love..Love..Love....


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