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Written by Ross Welford   
Friday, 18 May 2012 04:00

goldenuseFaust and Loose, the main players in Golden Sextion, may have slightly under sold theirselves or placed the context of their promo blurb slightly leftfield of what they actually sound like. If you read it, I can assure you that you'd be expecting a Porcupine Tree prog rock effort of elongated words and deeply focused, changing melodies that the thoughtful listener will appreciate and make you think about your actions in a positive way on the world.


What you actually get is John Bush era Anthrax-style hard rock, mashed up with Faith No More and Nickelback! Yeah, okay, there might be a touch of prog stylings involved but I'm talking a minuscule amount that should not frighten you off.


Opener 'Hi-Tech Love' is pure hard rock in the vain of 'Thrax when the mighty John Bush was fronting the band, it's a bludgeoning introduction to the Italian band that has the thrash leanings without ever going full out - it's controlled like a Megadeth track and they really do sound great. 'White Wall' follows it up and although more mellow and with a synth styling, it still rocks well enough to get you interested. 'Portrait' has to be my hands down favourite track on this release - it's got a hard beat, a powerful vocal style and catchy chorus that pitches them somewhere between Nickelback's fucked up big brothers and Soil.


The whole album is smooth throughout despite the change of vocal styles and hardness of the backbeats laid down behind it all - 'So Far This Day' is an epic power ballad that, yet again, deserves to be heard. Mellow, acoustically tinged guitar work and an expressive vocal make this an American hit if ever I heard one (seriously, the Yanks would love this on their Rock Radio stations). 'Saints Are Gone' puts them into Faith No More mode ala 'Digging The Grave' with some funk bass lines and seriously good guitar work upping the rock quota: another great track.


The title track sounds like the intro to Martha and the Muffins' 'Echo Beech' before they end up in prog rock territory but it's not too deep for me to be able to see the rock for the beards; my least favourite track on here but 10 from 11 is a pretty good hit ratio, I'd suggest?


This is a very surprising and great addition to the year's more than decent albums - if you're the type of Uber Rocker that likes to take a punt on an unknown band, then you could do a lot worse than join the silicon age.


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