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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 18 May 2011 05:30

crudHow could a cult movie nerd like my good self resist the call of an album whose cover art plays out like a modern take on the classic Robot Monster movie poster but with the damsel in distress replaced by a fiery jungle woman blessed with both immense beauty and attitude? Ungawa!


The super-charged fetish rock of Crud appears to have been fingered by many; their debut album, 'Devil At The Wheel', had its finest tunes cherrypicked by powerful pop culture vultures resulting in their appearances over all manner of movies, television shows and computer games, including CSI, Sons Of Anarchy and Burn Notice. Their sophomore release, 'Crud On Monster Island', appears to already be primed to repeat that feat.


Fronted by the attention grabbing pairing of Vinnie Dombroski and burlesque beauty Danielle Arsenault, it is little wonder that you are as likely to find features on the band in Bizarre and Girls And Corpses magazines as you are in the likes of Spin, for all these publications have at some point fallen for Crud and their collective charms.


But all this would be somewhat vacuous if the band - completed by drummer Leander Decordova, guitarist David Black and Tura Satana-alike bassist Dana Forrester - didn't offer you the chance to get your rocks off musically as well as aesthetically. Satisfyingly, they do.


The nine tracks that make up this second album from these diabolical denizens of Detroit Shock City at times refuse to accept being described in simplistic terminology. I departed for my journey to Monster Island expecting a crazed mash up of White Zombie and The Cramps but, while they are certainly in possession of enough to cause fans of both those bands to salivate in their company, the wealth of other musical ingredients that the band have thrown in the cooking pot with the missionaries is as impressive as it is unexpected.


There are times during this electro-fuelled rock trip when a life with the Thrill Kill Kult is hinted at and, on the great track 'Fire', bursts of horns drip out of the speakers like honey while Dombroski sounds like Adam Sherburne of aural activists Consolidated in a truly unbelievable turn of ear-events. There are moments when the album coasts on a freeway littered with the most infectious beats known to humanity and, safety pinned to the chugging guitar that enshrouds the entire project, the sounds ping around the record like blow darts courtesy of a pin-sharp production, 'Balaam's Ass Speaks' being a prime example of this. Even the more straight ahead rock tracks, like 'I'll Be Damned', are suited and booted with a dark spattering of exotica that makes this a listening experience incredibly unique yet comfortably familiar at the same time. 


Crud are in possession of more than enough of the key elements required of successful outfits yet, I suspect, this is one band that would revel in their cult status. This is dirty, sexy fun that you should introduce to your stale existence immediately.