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Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 17 May 2011 05:30

webuygold176'Spanish Beats' is the debut single from London based post-punk reprobates We Buy Gold. Claiming they make the MC5 sound like Keane, and with influences as diverse as Bad Brains, Roni Size, Aphex Twin and Minor Threat, an interesting mix of drum 'n' bass influenced hardcore is promised.


Leading off with a Dead Kennedys like riff and a nice indie drum beat, it's like something off a 70s kids TV show; singer Craig has a wild style, the vocals are mad, lots of rolling of the tongue, hand claps...I like hand claps! Even a little Spanish acoustic guitar in the middle, and some ranting in Spanish also. Lots of energy, it's catchy and instant, a raw mash of Toy Dolls and the Dead Kennedys. Check out the fantastic animated promo vid on YouTube too, well worth a watch.


Also on this promo CD is B-side 'Lady Of The Manor', its thundering bass line and frantic drumming hitting like a tonne of bricks, and also bonus track 'Master Plaster'. All tracks nod their head more to the punk and hardcore influences more than the drum 'n' bass, and with all three tracks clocking in at a combined seven minutes it's over as soon as it has begun.


'Spanish Beats' is taken from the forthcoming debut album 'Ron's Room' and on this evidence it will be well worth checking out.