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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 07 May 2011 05:30

elecfrankhipTwo hard rockin', punked up heavyweights goe toe to toe on this magnificent split album, both taking five songs each and both covering one of the other's songs.
Electric Frankenstein are first up with three original songs and a pretty damn fine offering of Hip Priests' 'Young Savage' and a version of the Kiss song 'Rocket Ride'. If you've never heard Electric Frankenstein before then where the hell have you been? They plough a rock 'n' roll furrow full of chunky DC riffs and snotty attitude along the same lines as bands like RFTC and Gluecifer, with a little bit of Zeke and old school punk added to the mix, and have released some pretty mean albums and singles over the years. 'Blow It Up' is a mighty fine up-tempo opener that tells you everything you need to know about EF and 'Not Me' carries this on with a great sludgey riff and heaps of attitude. 'Pretty F.N Dangerous' is probably the pick of the three originals with a great Stooged up intro and then a sleazy strut, very nice indeed. The version of 'Young Savage' is pretty spot on as well, managing to capture all the fury of the Hip Priests - very impressive stuff.
After the 'Rocket Ride' we have the UK's Hip Priests opening up with the mighty 'Sonic Reproducer' in all its glory, thundering along harnessing some lovely wah-wah and a hook bigger than the ones a Japanese whaling ship would use. 'Electrify Me' is The Hip Priests' take on an Electric Frankenstein track and an impressive take it is as well, giving it a distinctly Hip Priest make over. 'Dirty Fingers' is another fine number that displays the band's love of bands like RFTC and could easily match anything put out by Turbonegro, with some pretty sleazy lyrics to boot as well as an utterly filthy bass run from Mr Love. They cover 'Bring On The Nubiles' from the Stranglers, with a stinking raw guitar and, if anything, they've turned a great song into a fucking beast; the lyrics seem like they were made to be Hip Priested - "let me fuck you, let me, let me, let me fuck ya," um...you're ok, I'll pass on that one, but fuckin' ell this shit is both exciting and, above all, quality. The reckless 'Smells Like Rock n Roll' wraps up a fantastic value for money split by two great bands.
I think on this occasion it would have to go down to decision from the judges and they have cum down on the side of The Hip Priests, which seems a fitting tribute to former frontman Gary X-Ray, though why he'd leave a band this fucking good God only knows. He must have had too many blows to the head - his loss, I guess. All that's left to do is to tell you good people to get out there and grab a copy of this because, quite simply, it fuckin' rocks like a bastard!