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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 30 May 2017 04:00

jim jones righteous mind-super naturalSome low end piano rattles through the distortion as the guitars howl like a petrified dawg looking up at a full moon before the band joins in and this dark throbbing mass of energy can only be Jim Jones screaming like a banshee as his demonic band mates conjure up all sorts with their crash bang wallop! 'Dream' is a wild, dark rock and roll ride.  Sure, it’s Jim Jones, but it’s removed enough from his previous guises: more restrained than the Revue and not as rock as Thee Hypnotics, this is heavy and dark.  


Coming on like the bastard child of Tom Waits, 'Base Is Loaded' is gospel cotton picking rock 'n' roll, a bop and stroll away from his old sparring partner in the Urban Voodoo Machine, even with its hypnotic gang vocals.  An excellent introduction to all thing Righteous and 'Super Natural'.


'Somethings Gonna Get Its Hands On You' is dark and brooding and Jim's delivery is that of menace and restrained aggression.  It's sucking me in and I either give myself willingly or this is gonna haunt me at night. So, yeah, let’s not pretend… there are elements of what Nick Cave used to do some years ago but not so recently (so shoot me, but it’s true - he's lost his mojo recently). 


Jones certainly hasn't lost his mojo as 'No Fool' will testify. It's like the lower east side was never gentrified and Soho was still sleazy. Jones has the band marching with a huge sloppy brooding menacing beat as the song builds and builds but never gets out of hand. The two fantastic singles puncture the middle of this record very nicely, with 'Aldecide' growing in stature as that piano rumbles on: fantastic songs.



If the album wasn't dark enough already, it’s in grave danger of teetering into the Gothic darkness with 'Shallow Grave': with its whispered vocals and chimes and swirling organ it’s terrifically moody and dangerous sounding. In contrast 'Heavy Lounge #1' is almost Primal Scream at their experimental edges with distorted harmonica and howling guitar: this one just builds and builds and leaves the listener breathless.


Before the album closes, the blues of 'Til It's All Gone' is sparse yet wonderful and Jones puts in a spectacular vocal performance that underlines a real highpoint on the album.  Which only leaves 'Everybody But Me' to close the album, as he gets his 'Love In Vain' vibe going on, invoking many images, and not too dissimilar to Greg Dulli and his Afghan Whigs.  From the minimal arrangement of the toms to the piano and low, late night bar room vocals, it's the perfect end to a really terrific album that adds another limb to the talent of Jim Jones.  It has a little bit of everything he's ever done before. You can add some spectacular arrangements to the melting pot that will throw up new parts that jump out on you every-time you listen to this album.


I have a feeling this will be the Jim Jones album that will have longevity above everything he’s done before: the time is right - the time is now.  Quite superb!  


‘Super Natural’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE


Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind play the Boomtown festival in Winchester on 12 August.




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