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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 26 May 2017 04:30

Chuck Me artworkHands up if you want a good old school hard rockin’ album that's doesn't harbour any pretensions and is what it is, and from the sleeve to the production says “fuck you, we came to rock” - and that's what it does.


Eleven songs: nine rock out, two don't, but what you do get is variety and some pretty bloody good playing and arrangements. From the off it's a throbbing riff and some handclaps thrown in for good measure, so 'Habit To Support' is as it should be - always open with a good ‘un! And chuck in a few false endings as well.


'It Won't Be Pretty' is more restrained, with the playing laid back whilst Chuck Ransom goes full throttle; then the band catches on towards the chorus: it’s a change of gears that works very well. As per usual, the production is big and suits the songs. 'Long Way Back' is acoustic guitar and softly sung vocals, and a welcome breather it is too. You might be waiting for the big break out, but thankfully it doesn't come and The Chuckies have delivered the albums highlight.


To contrast, for the last song it’s business as usual for 'Murder On My Mind': although it’s a plodder rather than cutting loose and, like I already said, unashamed solid hard rock. 'The Truth (Sticking To My Guns)' is like a very tidy foot stomper a la Motörhead. 'Bad Hombres' started out as a totally different titled song but that aside I'm glad it’s now called 'Bad Hombres', because the punk rock attitude that the song omits is good.


'Liars And thieves' and 'Piece Of Ass' are no nonsense rockers that will please fans old and new, and no doubt open the band up to an army of new fans, because hard rockers should be all over songs like 'Piece Of Ass': it’s headbanging music like there used to be but people seem reluctant to do these days. There are no long shorts in sight nor baseball caps turned ‘round, but there might be a bullet belt or fingerless glove used in the making of this record, as the cover portrait suggests. Chuck Norris Experiment play hard rock - except on the albums closer, when they put away the studs and leather and sit on the rocking chair with a cocoa and slippers to chill out before turning in for the night. 'Bastards' they might be, but this record won’t get you down at all.


It rocks!


‘Chuck Me’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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