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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 19 May 2017 05:00

Control Freaks artworkThink snotty. Think sloppy. Think loud. Think fun! Control Freaks are flying the flag for the likes of the Stitches or a garage punk rock scene that never stops churning out great bands making great records.


From the opening floor tom thump or shuddering bass rumble, 'Control Freaks' is loud, obnoxious, swinging garage punk in its finest form. It's pogoing around the speakers with a guitar solo that's holding on by a thread and backing vocals we all want to shout out with and a production that is veering ever so slightly into the red - but nobody gives a shit because it’s the imperfections that give this it's energy.


Sure the Ramones influence or fast surfy songs weighs heavy on the likes of 'Hollywood'. Hell, these cats come outta San Francisco, so I guess if I was to throw a Dead Kennedy in here and there that wouldn't be an insult at all. The duel vocals work really well and offer something different. It’s goofy at times and brattish (of course) but some of the melodies are sick and dripping with classic pop. Even when they slow things down, like 'Sweet Dreams', it's so addictive with its ‘50s shangri las it's set to drive you insane with its backbeat and 12 bar sloppiness - I love it!


It's like the Briefs never heard Blondie or chewed bubblegum. 'Karma' can be a bitch but this is so addictive. Throwing up twelve songs in less than half an hour, it’s perfect length songs - and even when you cross the halfway point of no return the likes of 'She Lied' will have you craving more, more, more... If they're writing the songs from personal experience then 'Psycho Magnet' makes perfect sense and I'd expect nothing less. Dee Dee would definitely approve.


I love 'Blowtorch Love': it reminds me of a little known band called the Sado Sluts On Smack - it's sloppy and throws in about a dozen of my favourite punk rock clichés, from the floor tom rhythm to the chorus it's trashy like the Dolls - and that's right on the money!


For the home straight, 'Houston' we certainly do have a problem as it Thunders along (see what i did there?). 'Better Than You' pays homage to Chuck (Berry) and his rock and roll licks, before the snot is finally wiped away for the final offering of 'Crime Wave', as the band gives it everything they have and leave everything they have on the recording room floor in one sweaty heap.


Crash - bang - wallop! Control Freaks just trashed the place with some mindless entertainment: exactly what the doctor ordered, and they did just what they promised. Most pleasing it was too! You lot can come again!


‘Mindless Entertainment’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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