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Written by Nev Brooks   
Wednesday, 17 May 2017 04:30

CMOL coverComplicated Men Of Leisure are Geoff, Jaap and Karl from Jaya The Cat plus ex-Random Hand guitarist Matt Crosher.


I’ll take it for granted that people will know the Jaya The Cat output. Random Hand you might not be familiar with: they’re a British ska band formed in Keighley way back in 2002, which shows you how long ska with a punk vibe has been bleeding into the mainstream. So, you could genuinely class this as a super group straight out of the underground.


Now, if you know your Jaya The Cat you’d think you would have an idea of what sits within the grooves - and you’d be partially right. There’s a distinct reggae vibe - if anything a lighter brush, very Jamaican dancehall, paying homage to some real masters of the genre: enter Sugar Minnott/Junior Rankin… Gregory Isaacs even. It just seems that the guys are having fun.


That is until you listen to the lyrics. Wow, talk about socio-political vignettes, based on experiences, observations, relationships and the current political landscape. What I’m trying to say is that behind the summery Jamaican vibe is a hell of an edge/attitude/sneer steeped in punk’s rebellious nature.


Opener ‘Kill Me’, with that incessant ska riff, sets the tone: it’s catchy as fuck, and you’re singing “I wanted to fuck you” before you even know it! Next up, ‘Fall’ sets out the first hint of attitude with a further “I won’t fall in line”/“don’t take the piss”.



‘One Day At A Time’ lulls you into a false sense of security… then you actually tune in and listen and realize what’s being said, standing out as one of my faves on the EP.


Next up, ‘Far From Perfect’, led by Geoff Lagadec’s instantly recognizable vocal style, takes it right into the punk side of ska, and again is one you can’t help singing along too. There really isn’t a weak track here: if you like your punk with a ska edge, or your ska with a punk slant, and if you are happy to listen in and hear the words, then I guarantee this little number will put a big shit-eating grin right across your face.


‘I’m Sorry If I Did Something You Feel I Need To Apologise For’ is out now.  You can get your copy HERE.


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