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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 17 May 2017 04:00

Rhino Bucket artworkLike buses, you wait for one then two roll up together. Well, that's what Acetate Records have just done. As if a new Junkyard record wasn't cool enough, Rhino Bucket kick it on down the line with an Eddie Spaghetti produced record to get those hard rockin' juices flowing.


Frontman Georg Dolivo once said that Rhino Bucket never did a ballad and never will - so expect the amps turned up to 11 and a whole bunch of rock and roll to flow through the speakers.  I was gonna try and do a review without mentioning the Bon Scott-era you know who's and I made it into paragraph two: ‘cos the album only kicks off with 'Hello Citizens' which has one huge mofo of a ‘Powerage’-era style riff, so that's that idea fucked from the start.  Regardless, 'Hello Citizen' is crisp, clean and right on point for a hard rockin’ album opener that says turn up the stereo, pour yourself a large glass and let's do this!


After the opener giving you everything you'd expect from a Rhino Bucket record, 'Everything You Do' follows suit.  In a world where everyone is chasing something original or clever and doesn't want to do what’s in their heart, it's refreshing to hear a band who thinks “fuck it lets just write the best record we can and rock it!”  With a great chorus and a sizzling solo 'Everything you Do' is right on the money.


Not just content with Spaghetti producing the record, co-founder Greg Fields returns to the fray for three tracks. 'Last Call' is laid back and FM friendly, with some great backing vocals that set the song up nicely and adds variety to what's gone before it; 'So Long' mixes it up with a great chorus - more than any other so far on this record: in fact, I'd go so far as to suggest this has the ring of a drinking anthem… so, crack open the Jägermeister and let's do this.


Half way through this record is the excellent 'It's A Sin' – tight, rock solid with a show me those horns kinda vibe.  'Forgiveness' taps into their inner bad boy boogie.  The theme continues through 'Bang My Drum' and into the beer-swilling fight or flight of 'Swing And A Miss' - but the chorus, rather than ramping it up, kicks back and throws a swerve ball.  Just to keep the party going through the night, the drinking song that is 'Misery' lays down those Chuck Berry licks over the top of a classic bass throb (man how good must it be to be Reeve Downes laying down those bass lines?).



To finish 'The Devil You Know' still isn't a ballad.  Sure, I know what they said, but I thought they might just have been fucking with us - but it seems they weren't:  even if this is a much slower groove, it's still got balls of granite and once again Rhino Bucket deliver a record that does exactly what they set out to do and flies the flag for solid hard rock: it's their business and business is good.


Bullshit free, bad ass rock and roll… I'll raise a glass to that!


‘The Last Real Rock 'n' Roll’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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