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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 07 May 2017 04:30

I wanted to wait for Record Store Day to come and go before opening up the doors this month, because of the few corkers I knew would make up this instalment. And, boy, am I glad I waited…


If you only YouTube some of these songs, or do more to check out these bands, I can assure you that you will have improved your “like” list by the power of a dozen… With so many great bands and singers making so much fantastic music at the moment, I’m amazed we can keep up! So, here goes folks: fill yer 45rpm boots and welcome to the Singles Club…


Pardon Us - Pardon Us EP (Everything Sucks Music)


'Goodnight Adam 12' kicks off this four track 7" single, and with a lovely Pistols swagger in that guitar sound this is a very impressive opener, from those gang vocals on a song that reminds me of bands like the Yo-Yo's knocking about with some Stiff Little Fingers. And anyone who loved the recent Scott Sorry album is gonna love 'Carry On'. This is four tracks of snotty punk rock and fuckin' roll courtesy of these Liverpool boys and mightily impressive it is too. I look forward to what they do next really impressive release.


Black Bombers – ‘Rush’ (Easy Action Records)


BLACK BOMBERScover-w800-h600-508x508Well, here it is: the “Record of the Month” by a country mile! As impressive as the supporting cast is this month these two songs win hands down. To use a few terms my kids would appreciate, I'd say this is a banger, or is banging, or is sweet as… once that bass and drums combo joins in, it’s like the power of the Avengers joining forces. Fuckin' ‘ell! What a beautiful noise. The addition of the subtle horns on 'Raw Ramp' is sublime. These are exclusive songs to this single, but if you are looking for your new favourite garage rockers then, here, I've made it easy for you!


Easy Action doesn't do rubbish and pretty much everything they release reeks of class, and they might just have stolen Record Store Day 2017 with this one. You can get your copy HERE.


Zex – ‘Child Soldier’ (No Front Teeth Records)


Ontario punks knock out a perfectly palatable slab of punk rock on NFT. Probably the best single they've done to date, as they mix up their love of NWOBHM and punk rock, and do it really well. The B Side is more of the same to be fair: 'Too Late' could have been the A Side as Gretchen Steel does a fine job on the vocals as the band amass a decent back catalogue of singles.


Biters-Stone-Cold-Love- -Callin-You-HomeBiters – ‘Stone Cold Love’ (Earache)


Released as a two track sampler for RSD 2017, both songs come in a picture sleeve pressed on black vinyl (my copy is black anyway) and both feature on their forthcoming long player (due on 19 May). Sounding more like T Rex than T Rex on this one, Tuk and the boys keep up the releases and this is a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned. I much prefer their take on ‘70s glam stomping than the Thin Lizzy duelling classic rock. To be fair, the B Side is the best song Biters have done since the first couple of EPs, so I look forward to the new album when it drops.


Lester Greenowski/The Empire Strikes Back (Area Pirata Records)


Lester is back in the singles club in his own rite after a few cameo appearances, and this time he's gone for one of our favourite formats - the four track split vinyl. Limited to a few hundred pieces (available HERE), 'Mantra (Another Ramones Rip Off)’ is the chance for Lester and his band to hammer their way through a wonderful homage to Da Brudas and one we fully endorse here at UR. 'Wasted Mary Ann' is some straight up punk rock and rollin' with great gang vocals over the raucous chorus.


The Empire Strikes are about to drop their second long player and take time out with these two tracks, 'Enter The Denim' is some uptempo rock and roll whilst 'Mrs Anderson' sees these sons of Helsinki kick back for a driving slice of rock and roll. Value for money, with four tracks from two exciting bands get on it folks.


Prophets Of Addiction – ‘Take Me To Your Leaders’ (Self-Released)



Lesli is back with a brand new record from his Prophets Of Addiction, and has released this video to accompany his first song off that album. As you'll hear, 'Take Me To Your Leader' is a full bloodied rocker with a great hook and 100 per cent rock and roll - I'd expect nothing less from The Prophets Of Addiction. I've no doubt this album will be quality, and having a peek via this song I look forward to hearing the rest of the songs.


Bitch Queens – ‘Anti Social’ (Lux Noise)


The boys with all the noise are back in the Über Rock singles club, and this time they've brought with them a beautiful picture disc that has the opening salvo across the bows off the new 'L-O-V-E' album (watch out for a full review later in the week). On the B side is 'In A Rut': No not the Ruts 'In A Rut' (although I wish it was), but another original from their bulging repertoire that has the band firing on all rocket fuelled cylinders. As Anti Social as they might like to be (hanging out with those Hip Priests), this will only enhance the idea that at long last Bitch Queens time has arrived. Go check it out.


Danzig – ‘Devil On Hwy 9’ (AFM)


Oh Glenn, what have you done? Having patched things up in the mighty Misfits camp, Danzig hits the Singles Club with a real turkey. No matter how you dress this one up, it’s all metal fills and riffs: less hard rock and more Zack Wylde, if I'm honest, and sounds as if it was written as some parody metal tune. Not his finest moment by a country mile: Danzig by numbers or auto pilot. A largely forgettable release: uninspired is putting it politely. My advice would be to give this a collective swerve - and Glenn, get writing with Jerry. It's what everyone wants and, going on the quality of this, it's what you really want as well.


Louise DistrasLouise Distras – ‘Outside Of You’ (Self-Released)


A new single from Louise to keep us going as she works on her brand new album amid all the constant touring. As you'll quickly establish, this is Louise in full electric band mode, and, after an intro that doesn't sound a million miles away from prime Ash it’s a great taster for what’s to come. An unwavering talent that we should get behind: as the song builds towards the chorus, it shows she's becoming quite a formidable force and bigger things must surely be around the corner. Excellent song. Released on 26 May.


Dirty Fences – ‘Sell The Truth’/’2X2’ (Dirty Water Records)


Selling the truth, Brooklyn's Dirty Fences motor in on this two track single, and it’s of the same high calibre you'd expect from these guys’ as you feel like you've heard these songs before: after the first few bars, you don't give a shit anyway, because the rock and roll has taken hold. Straddlin’ ‘70s glam rock and The Ramones end of punk rock, Dirty Fences are killing it with their infectious slabs of glam punk (or Glunk for us who love a label). '2x2' is excellent power pop as it buzzes by. I've heard them compared to the Ramones meets the Dictators - and that'll do for me: perfect!


Cyanide Pills – ‘Big Mistake’ (Damaged Goods)


Out on orange vinyl - but don't let that put you off (it looks like a barley sugar travel sweet from the ‘70s), as the Yorkshire lads give the summer a big whack round its ear and set the soundtrack to every BBQ… or what should be. Perfect power pop from easily one of the finest bands the UK has birthed in several decades. Pure class and a potential record of the month. Backed by the wonderful 'My Baby's Become A Right Wing Extremist', which is as good as the title suggests it is. So, source yourself a copy HERE el pronto.


Sudden KusworthNikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth – ‘Shame For The Angels’ (Easy Action Records)


A limited edition run on purple vinyl, this was one of the “must have” items in the bun fight that was RSD 2017. As with Black Bombers, Easy Action certainly delivered the goods this RSD, and had the best releases. With four tracks on 45 rpm, recorded on the 4th of July 1984, this sees Sudden and Kusworth right at the peak of their powers. 'Heart Of Hearts' is my pick of the four, with the title track following closely. Fans of Sudden will be all over this, so good luck tracking one down - my advice would be check with Easy Action… and whilst you're there pick up something else from their treasure trove of audio delights.


The Ramones – ‘Singles Box’ (Sire/Rhino/RPI)


Ramones Box SetI didn't think I'd ever be reviewing a Ramones single in the Singles Club - let alone ten of the buggers. OK, so it’s a Record Store Day cash grab, but I couldn't resist it - even at its eye watering £100 price tag… punk rock certainly has changed!


With no big accompanying glossy booklet or (to be fair) much razzmatazz, it’s a fairly bog standard cash grab. The only nice touch is housing them in the original picture bags (where applicable): 'Rock N Roll High School' was always a cool cover; however 'I Wanna Be Sedated', 'Needles And Pins' and 'Blitzkrieg Bop' are all in spectacularly uninspiring black disco bags! But, one thing it does highlight is that, between 1976 and 1980, The Ramones knocked out some of the most electrifying music ever captured on tape.  Limited to just 6500 box sets, I'd be gobsmacked if you couldn't save up your pennies and still be able to pick this up in the months or years to come. But, for now, it's for completists, collectors or Ramones nerds… so, hey ho, let’s go!


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