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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 04 May 2017 04:30

Pussywhips artWith a really raw and furious sound, Pussywhips are scratching a Stooges-sized sore and howling like a stray dog, whilst the guitar is hacking and slashing like a good ‘un - and I like it… I like it a lot!  The first thing I did was press repeat and turn this sucker up because one thing is for sure: it deserves to be played loud!  Like The Cramps on a really (good) bad trip or Ron Asheton playing with the Jesus & Mary Chain, this is furious and no holds barred.


Hailing from Portugal, this first came out in 2016 but only managed to reach URHQ recently (maybe they put it in a bottle with an SOS): I love it when a band hand writes their press sheet and tells you that they are doing so because of their friends in The Parkinsons told them to: and that endorsement is good enough for me.  You can pay to have the coolest press junket and cough up money for the swishest PR company to blow smoke up your backside and pass the same soulless, dead in the water bullshit sheet ever to whatever magazine or website; but, the bottom line is that if it doesn't swing or sing to the person listening, then it's all for nothing, because you can cut through all the bullshit in an instant and tell how much heart and soul a record has pretty damn quickly.


I played this EP many times before reading what they wrote -  indeed, I have been playing it loud, and I'm loving '1000 Ways To Die'. 'Drive Thru Riding Man' is wild and furious, an unashamed homage to Lux, from the reverb on the vocals to Poison Ivy's ringing surf drenched guitar, whilst the rhythm is loose: baby, Iggy would be proud.  The closer 'Lame Society' is a middle finger, rigid and defiant - and I love it as the guitars feedback before hacking out the rhythm.  Attitude a plenty and songs to match, there should be a market out there for Pussywhips, because the cool kids will get it straight away as those guitars ring out like they are being throttled to within an inch of their existence.  For fans of The Cramps, The Parkinsons, The Stooges and Birthday Party: just soak in 'Fifty Shades' and its majestic noise - I dare you.


I'm down with Pussywhips and love what they are all about from the songwriting to the presentation of these songs. It's punk rock and roll, boys and girls: it's loud and dangerous - and fuckin' fantastic!


‘Pussywhips’ is out now. You can get you copy HERE.




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