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Written by Lee Kendrick   
Tuesday, 31 May 2016 04:00

MortilleryHailing from Edmonton in Canada Mortillery are back with their latest noisy opus ‘Shapeshifter’. Following on from their 2013 release ‘Origins Of Extinction’ the band have toured ruthlessly and have completed a European jaunt with thrash legends Sepultura. They have also played with some other familiar names including Death Angel and Flotsam and Jetsam.


One of the things I love most about being a reviewer for the mighty Uber Rock is finding little gems like this. What a fuckin’ beast of an album ’Shapeshifter’ is!


‘Radiation Sickness’ kicks off the record with a blast, building from its military style intro into a track that literally pins you to the wall. Mortillery easily blend a range of styles ranging from thrash to hardcore punk and everything else in between.


Lead screamer Cara McCutchen is a force to be reckoned with, she spits out the lyrics with such venom that it's impossible not to feel the angst and frustration flying out of the speakers.


‘Age Of Stone’ is another full on explosion of riffs and thrash speed drumming courtesy of Kevin Daudet who does a cracking job on the entire album, rock solid.


‘Bullet’ starts with that hardcore punk feel that I earlier mentioned before more metal mayhem and searing King Diamond style vocals take the track to a whole new level. Fuckin’ awesome!


‘Mantis’ is more full throttle, high octane, metal to the max. Rifftastic. ‘Black Friday’ has a more traditional metal feel with its galloping riff and double lead work from guitarists Alex Gutierrez and Kent Quinlan. Whilst ‘Wendigo’ has a main riff that's reminiscent of classic Testament with more searing vocals from McCutchen.


From beginning to end ‘Shapeshifter’ is pure class and for me an essential album for 2016. The stripped down production from Joel Grind is perfect for Mortillery’s style.


Miss this at your peril people, Mortillery are here to fuck shit up!


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