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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 03:20

ceecees300In these tough times there hasn't been a great deal of protest music to go hand in hand with the elections that are gripping the United Kingdom. Well, Thee Concerned Citizens have stepped up to the plate and have brought their own soundtrack. Consisting of musicians who contribute to some pretty impressive 'other jobs' like drumming for The Alarm or playing lead guitar in The Bluetones, or what about bass player for Paul Weller? Well, this collective of musicians has put together a good old protest record, and a politically charged record it is too. You know what though, it's pretty damn good to boot. Of course it's left wing, you'd hardly get a right wing protest album now, would you? Could you imagine that? The Gary Barlow Collective where they champion tax avoidance or government cover ups featuring bellends like Mumford and Son.


Anyway, back to the record in hand. 'Solution Songs' is a vibrant working class Brit rock / pub rock affair with a few extras thrown in for variety and good measure. Imagine a solid rock-out by the Blockheads or Dr Feelgood - well that's the ball park these guys are working in.  It's earthy, honest and sounding like a great jam between friends who all share a common bond.


'Have An Analysis' is fuzzed-up bass and awkward drum patterns as it heaves forward with its overtly political message, but that's the theme: it's all overtly political and the lyrics are important; and thought provoking, none more so than on 'Never Cross' as it jogs along nicely with a great bass riff and rock solid drum beat, but the message is spot on. The subject matter has left many a scar the length and breadth of the United Kingdom - it's what gave unions their power and what governments have been petrified of for ever and a day (a good strong union that is). Just ask fans of Nottingham Forest what's the thing that gets chanted most at them (no, I don't mean can we play you every week) - I mean "Scab". A good song and lyrics and the point is very well put across. Never Cross! Remember a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and a scab is a weak link that will eventually see that line fall.


There are many who say music and politics should never meet but that's a folly. Since Rock and Roll became part of our fabric of life both have been entwined from Lennon to Guthrie, it has crossed all walks and musical genres even those who just wanted to party found themselves on one of Geldof's Band Aid songs or Hear N' Aid. Nothing wrong with nailing your colours to the mast either like Thee Cee Cees have.


Songs like 'Vote!' would be great to have reached the disenfranchised youth to show them the importance of a vote. Again the music that wraps around the lyrics is excellent. It's punchy and very upbeat.


To add a little humour to proceedings there is an instrumental interlude with bells and whistles entitled 'Iain Duncan Smith's Weeping Hemorrhoids' which has to be the title of the year, no competition, and absurd as the man it performs about. As the mail out reads, "If pop Music is art, then let it be a hammer, not a mirror. An artist accepting a bourgeois society is complicit." Spot on brothers and sisters, spot on.


Are you ready? Thee Cee Cees are and their infectious rhythm and blues is like a cool summer breeze. Do the right thing people and if you have any doubt you could do a lot worse than check this out for some pointers. You even have a touching beautiful orchestral piece to end the album with its touching sentimental lyrics to Queen and country. Proper punk rock celebrating the working class in its many guises and shades. Good album, very enjoyable indeed!


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