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Written by Nick Russell   
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 03:40

HomeHome have been together since 2009 and ‘Bound For Gravity’ is the first full release from these Austrians. Before working on this album , the three members had some other things on the go; bassist Hans-Peter Ganner played with his other band, Sahara Surfers; Amadeus Mader wrote some solo material, with some being included on an Adidas advert; and drummer Mathias Magerle continued as a producer.


When it came to this album, which Mathias also produced, they went for a raw organic sound whilst maintaining the heaviness. Their style is a mix of sludge, post hardcore, noise rock, alt rock, stoner, doom, you get the idea! In fact, listening to them you would say they’re more likely to come from Louisiana, New Orleans or Washington State than Austria.


Opener ‘Hole’ kicks in with a sludgy/alt rock riff with some great drumming. ‘Next To Last’, ‘No Way Out, My Friend’, Not Even Me’ and ‘Burlesque’ continue more of the same sludgy riffs with some almost industrial style vocals. The production, whilst being what you expect with sludgy rock noise, also has clarity about it. It’s clear that the three members of the band are well accomplished musicians.


The last four songs on the album do mix it up a little, although don’t be expecting any rap alt noise sludge. ‘Old Hand’ has a more technical feeling riff to it, almost VoiVod sounding. ‘Kyoto’ slows it down to a grind before ‘Horse Cable’ speeds it up above and beyond what’s gone before. The best song though is left to last, the epic nine minute ‘Dead City’ closes the album in style, equipped with a cracking chugging riff, and very heavy.


‘Bound To Gravity’ then is a very good debut of nine tracks of heavy sludgy doomy metal, and whilst Home are certainly not a household (see what I did there!!) name yet with an album this good, that could and should change.


What’s that expression? Oh yeah, “everyone should have a Home!”





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