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Written by Johnny H   
Saturday, 10 May 2014 03:00

Just pure and undiluted brutal fucking metal drilling itself into your mind, and scarring you for life.

ProngHands up who knew ‘Ruining Lives’ the all new album from Prong had been actually been released here in the UK at the end of last month? I most certainly didn’t we’ll not until I happened upon a quarter page ad for it in Metal Hammer. The band’s recent UK tour dates aside I don’t think I’ve seen one review of Prong anywhere in the mainstream press, which is such a huge shame because ‘Ruining Lives’ is without doubt the best metal album I’ve heard so far this year.


Having been blown away by Tommy Victor and crew (Jason Christopher bass, backing vocals and Art Cruz drums) at Hellfest last year, I’ve been looking forward to hearing what steps they might take next, and with this eleven track (twelve if you buy the limited edition digipak) assault on the sense they most definitely have not disappointed.


Opener ‘Turnover’ actually comes down on the side of the Prong musical fence that I prefer, that being their tendency to sound a touch post punk. The huge swooping melody line on this baby wouldn’t sound out of place on a mid eighties Killing Joke album, whilst the machine gun rhythms underpin a song that is built to destroy your hearing. Likewise tracks like ‘Window’s Shut’ and ‘Absence Of Light’ build on this same epic goth metal formula to startling proportions making me scratch my head in wonderment at why bands like Jane’s Addiction can’t sound as hungry (or in fact angry) as this anymore.


On the other side of the fence of course awaits the more out and out metal side of Prong, and here tracks like ‘The Barriers’, ‘Ruining Lives’ and ‘The Book of Change’ are thrashtastic monsters that would give primetime Slayer a run for their money any day of the week. In fact the latter of these three is probably the best Slayer song they never actually wrote.


There really isn’t a track on ‘Ruining Lives’ that I would rate as anything short of brilliant, and that is why I have no hesitation giving this platter the much sought after Uber Rock approved logo. Even as the album enters its latter stages the quality never lets up for a minute and tracks like ‘Retreat’ (which is the bonus twelfth track for those of us who have bought the limited CD), ‘Self Will Run Riot’ and ‘Limitations And Validations’ are easily as good as the tracks I’ve raved about already.


Look, don’t let the fact that the mainstream press have seemingly passed over ‘Ruining Lives’ mean that this album slips through your grasp too, get out there and buy yourself a copy right now, it really is a fucking monster of a record.

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