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Written by Nick Russell   
Monday, 05 May 2014 03:40

Black MatterMystons, (not to be mistaken for the Gerry Anderson created baddies from Captain Scarlett!) are a Finnish 2 piece who say their style is a mix of stoner, doom and alternative rock. This is their 4th album in their seven year history and they’ve gigged extensively in their homeland.


First song in, ‘Coal Soul Woman’, and I started to feel the omens for the rest of the album weren’t looking good! The vocals are like a cross between Billy Idol and the Evil Elvis himself, Glenn Danzig, and as a result I’m not struck. Second track ‘People Of The Dark’ has a bit more stoner feel and as the album progresses I must admit I’m just not feeling it.


There are more vocal nods to the likes of Johnny Cash and Pete Steele, with a bit of crooning over the doom/stoner riffs and couple of bits that actually bring to mind Therapy! The lyrical stylings of ‘Get Up’ meanwhile reminds me of Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’, a tale of trying to get somewhere, possibly failing but never giving up.


The rest of the album follows along in a pretty similar pattern, with ‘In Heaven Or Hell With You’ coming across like a Finnish version of Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’. Production wise, the sound is clear but with enough of the deepness that stoner/doom has.


After listening to the album a few times though a strange thing happens; and now I actually quite like ‘Black Matter’! That’s because despite my initial thoughts, this album has grown on me…a lot. It certainly isn’t the best album I’ve heard this year and it may not be to everyone’s taste but ‘Black Matter’ has a certain charm to it that simply can’t be ignored.


As 2-pieces go though I certainly prefer the Mystons to The W**** S******!


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