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Written by Matt Phelps   
Tuesday, 06 May 2014 03:40

blackblitzcoverBlack Blitz have been steadily growing in stature since their 2009 inception and have developed a bone crushing sound for themselves along the way with 'Louder Than Thunder' proving to be a major force follow up to their acclaimed 'Born To Rock' outing from 2011. They take the classic AC/DC strutting groove style and whip it up into a furious riff heavy frenzy. The unrelenting electric storm of riffs, thick pulsing basslines and gut punching drumbeats hammer home the message time and time again that Black Blitz mean business.


From the opening blast of 'Drinking Dynamite' to the closing soul grinding oppression of 'Satan Is Waitin'' this formidable trio, who hail like a thunderstorm from Munich, Germany, hit the mark with pinpoint accuracy on each and every track. Ice pick riffs stab deep into your rock loving soul and hook you with frightening ease. The grooves are pure old school and I wouldn't be surprised if the demo ideas were actually put down on slates but the end result is nothing short of a confident modern classic packed full of arena sized vibes.


There are one or two Motorhead influences laying in the background too, not just musically but also in attitude. There's a bullshit free air around Black Blitz, just a desire to deliver damn fine rock n roll and that's exactly what 'Louder Than Thunder' does again and again. Christian Reiter's rumbling bass adds a real life force to the heart of each tune, the hot blooded march of 'Keep 'em Coming', the frantic opening of '...Dynamite', the gear shift of 'Going Against The Grain', all worthy of as prime examples of the unique Blitz style. The march is steady throughout '...Thunder' with powerful hitters like the aforementioned and 'Fire And Forget' all knocking the game ball for six with consistent ease.


This is a seriously strong album and Black Blitz a fine example of a modern band who successfully brew their own fine blend of hard rock, mixing elements of both old and new to create a fresh vintage of excellence for the modern day. Many pretenders try and walk this oft attempted walk but only a few ever pull it off convincingly and even less with as much quality and conviction as Black Blitz.