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Written by Gaz E   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 05:30

1aposehnIf you've ever heard Brian Posehn's Chris Holmes story on his 'Live In : Nerd Rage' album then you already know that he pretty much embodies the Über Röck spirit in his comedy.


The star of 'The Devil's Rejects' and 'The Sarah Silverman Program' (among other cool shit), Posehn is a full-on metal nerd and not afraid to tell anyone at any available opportunity. Sounds like us.


Recorded during his 2009 comedy tour, 'Fart And Wiener Jokes', like its predecessor, features some of the funniest stand up comedy you'll hear and is capped with two metal tunes featuring an array of hard rock heavyweights. Leaving his daily routine - smoking weed, playing Xbox, masturbating and crying - to tour this rocking routine must have been tough but, as Posehn rails against iTunes, Wikipedia and all corners of putrid pop culture, you'll be happy that he did.


Mouth babies get a mention, as does hot girl down's syndrome. Dio rubs conversational shoulders with Marilyn Manson, OJ Simpson, Bon Scott, Michael Bolton and Dennis Rodman. This is educational too; did you know that if one of the guys blows you - a bro-job - it is not gay as long as you shout "SLAYER!!!" while he's doing it? The "Slayer" negates the gay. Never knew that. What I do know is that 'Fart And Weiner Jokes', like 'Nerd Rage', made me laugh out loud and that, for a comedy record, is always a bonus.


Talking of bonus; the two music tracks at the end of the album see Posehn again calling in favours from his molten metal mates including Scott Ian, Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, Mark Morton of Lamb Of God and John Tempesta (Exodus, The Cult etc!). The cover of 'The Gambler' by Kenny Rogers is cool but the real kudos goes to 'More Metal Than You' where Posehn namechecks Krokus and yells "I'm Slayer, Venom, Mayhem - You're White Lion blowing Jovi" - sheer bloody poetry.


If you like laughing and you like metal which, as you're hitting Über Röck I'm guessing you do, then this album is an essential purchase. I have received no favours for saying that......."SLAYER!!!"