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Written by Mark Ashby   
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 03:40

Minutian - RepercussionsHelsinki proggers Minutian have spent more than a year crafting and moulding this seven track debut album, and the love which they have invested in it is very much evident right from the outset


Very much evoking the spirit of the jazz tinged progressionalism of innovators such as Colosseum and King Crimson while moving said sound very much into the 21st century, via the likes of Opeth and Porcupine Tree in particular, ‘Repercussions’ is actually very black metal in its approach, drawing its soundscape from the beautifully bleak harshness of their native Finland, while also taking an extremely personal and deeply introspective approach to all its elements.


Vocalist Mikko Heino has a very Geddy Lee quality to his vocal chords, especially in the higher end of his range, as evidenced on the likes of opener ‘Hole’ and the claustrophobic ‘In Circles’, although he is also equally at ease plunging deeper into his register, such as on ‘Undone’, which is the heaviest track on offer, built on a solid wall of guitar noise from Jesper Johnson but at the same time seeing how far the quartet can push the boundaries of what is, in essence, quite a simple song but extrapolated and re-invented while it is still in progress.


Overall, it’s an album of exquisite contrasts, switching from ethereal, almost otherworldly meanderings, such as ‘Cold And Tight’ (a song which truly reflects its feeling in its title, with an icy musical exterior complemented by an inner warmth), to behemothic walls of crushing metallic guitars, as on the aforesaid ‘Undone’ and the punching closer ‘Three By Five’.


There is more than enough here to keep both prog fans and metallians – and especially those more predisposed toward the tech end of the modern metal canon – alike interested and intrigued.






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