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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 23 April 2010 06:15

adjusterscoverLoud, wild, reckless - what is this beautiful noise I hear before me?!?!?! Let me tell you, from the opening burst of music on this debut from Wigan trash dealers The Adjusters I was beaming from ear to ear - this shit is the bomb! I kid you not, these boys might just be riding in to save the day.


Not since the likes of Gunfire Dance has a UK band played this lovely trashed up racket with such appeal and carefree abandonment. The Adjusters might just fill that several decade void - finding a successor to The Heartbreakers and Hanoi has been like searching for the holy grail. There have been several bands who've come along who had the potential to sit at that top table for me, the likes of Miss 45 who have just vanished, as did NYC great hopefuls 'The Star Spangles' who also have gone AWOL. There have been a few who have danced with the devil but ultimately failed to continue with any momentum. It's not retro rock, it's a timeless, ageless beautiful kind of rock - it's not glam or poser rock where the clothes or the shapes are more important. This sounds like the real deal, boys and girls and I'm a-luvin' it L-U-V!


A love of  Johnny Thunders, The Pistols and a whole lot in between is about where 'Reckless Relations' sits. The Adjusters sound like they have an appreciation of bands like Dead Boys, New York Dolls and, moving through the decades, there are also snatches of 80's going on as well in certain tracks, by the 80's I mean The Joneses and not Guns N' Roses. This record gets off to a flyer with 'Drinkin' Red Wine' and doesn't let up til the final strains of 'Let's Dance'.  'Drinkin' Red Wine' leads off with a great hook and some fantastic ivory tinkling; if you want to make a statement on the opening track then this is it. It's a rousing middle finger to the posers and fakers and it's drawing a line in the sand that says only cross if you've got the gonads to carry it off.  

It's refreshing and comforting to know that a bunch of guys from the North of England who are so young - 20 and 21 years young to be presice - are digging deep into music history and are getting what wild rock 'n' roll was meant to sound like. A house party with these guys should see a playlist of The Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, The Joneses, early 70's Stones, late 70's punk from both the UK and the New York scene. L.A.M.F. and a bunch of other discs like the Faces and even a little bit of Motorhead just for the ladies.


I was excited when I first heard bands like Prima Donna but I was wondering when the UK was going to wake up and start producing our own? It was about time we had something to champion and these boys have written an album so full of snotty attitude and reckless riffing it just has to be a contender. Sure it's not as polished as the previously mentioned band but it's the dirt in these songs that gives it that little edge. From the blistering raw swagger of 'Itch I Can't Scratch' (Faster Pussycat had moments this good on that first album!) to the bombast of 'Too Bad' this record rocks like a muthafuka, no doubt about it. This isn't about posing and pouting and pulling the right shapes, The Adjusters have got the chops right and have written some barnstorming songs and they will rise to the top of the pack soon enough - it won't be a question of if, but when! 'Kicking Down The Door' has a bar room piano, a great riff and neat breaks with a champion chorus that is mature way beyond their years. Now whatcha waiting for? It's a winner every day of the week! The Adjusters - buy it!


Young, Loud and Snotty? You betcha!!!!