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Written by Nev Brooks   
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 05:30

Rayburn-CD-Cover2Rayburn were formed in 1970 and originally signed to Mega Records, an RCA subsidiary. Consisting of Mack Price (bass and vocals), Jimmy Roberts (guitar, piano and vocals), Robbie Carder (drums and vocals) and Steve Stephens (piano, Moog and vocals), this album comes from a series of demos recorded between 1972 and 1977.


Influences vary from Sly And The Family Stone, through Jefferson Airplane ('Volunteers' time), The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Tim Buckley comes repeatedly to mind. 'Rayburn' features some really nice vocal harmonies throughout and production wise leans on the Phil Spector patented wall of sound style. 


A gem from the early 70's psychedelic era, a really nice jazz feel at times; check out tracks like 'See My Eyes', 'Got To Get Ready To Die' and 'Salt Less Tears'.....If you were to look for a modern equivalent, look no further than the Fleet Foxes. A good representation of the era, give it a listen.